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SubmitLink  - a list of sites accepting links

Application Extension Mapping in a Shared Server Hosting Enviornment My Article at The Code Project; Protect any file type in a certain folder with login.

MIDI Organizer and Search by Melody   Hitsquad - Shareware Music Machine

Web-based Day Rental Calendar  Online month-view calendar of items rented by the day, with user defined rental list.(Access Database)

Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms

About Tom Sheldon's Web site

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia

HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!

C#, VB, JScript Quick Reference for

Books - Free programming and computer science books, ebooks and lecture notes | Computer Book | Oreilly | Computer Literacy | Computer Repair Book

PLT Online  This is a collection of programming language theory texts and resources, all of which are freely available over the Internet.

TEXTBOOKS, LECTURE NOTES AND TUTORIALS IN MATHEMATICS  A list of links to useful mathematical textbooks available for free on the Internet.

Computer and Information Science Papers CiteSeer Publications Research Index  Academic whitepapers

Directory of open access journals  Computer science journals

Campusi Find the Lowest Book Prices in 1 Click! Compare 60+ stores prices Best Book Buying Link - New & Used Books and Textbooks, College Apparel, Movies and More

Half Price Computer Books new discount computer books always on sale. get chea

Bookpool: Discount bookstore for technical books and computer books, with high


Prentice Hall PTR

A P R E S S . C O M Books for Professionals, by Professionals ..



Pinnacle Publishing

Borders teamed with

Barnes &

Barnes & Noble Search

Bookpool: Discount bookstore for technical books and computer books, with high

BUY.COM - Over 1 million cool products direct to you

Alibris Buy Used Books, New Books, Out-of-Print Books, Rare Books & Used Textb

AllBookstores The Smartest Place to Buy and Sell Books, Music, Movies, and Games an

iChapters - College Textbooks and Textbook Chapters for Online Download offers brand new textbooks, in electronic & print formats. Electronic versions of college textbooks, including individual chapters, are available for immediate download.


IE7 Web Renderer - This Online HTML Renderer allows you to see how your website looks like in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 6

Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots

Browser Tips and Tricks

Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots


Wired News Here Comes a Google for Coders


Koders - Source Code Search Engine

List of User-Agents (Spiders, Robots, Browser)

Dogpile. All results, no mess.

WebCrawler Web Search Home Page

MSN Search


Google Help

Google Guide Interactive Tutorial Making Search Even Easier

Matt Cutts Gadgets, Google, and SEO Matt is a Google engineer


MetaCrawler Web Search Home Page - MetaCrawler




My Excite


HighBeam Research Library Search Results

TEXTOLUTION - FuzzySearch online demo

Addmine Search


KartOO Métamoteur de recherche

musicplasma the music visual search engine


Search Engine Watch Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search Engine Submiss


Developer News -- Inktomi Unveils XML-based Search Toolkit

Add Me, FREE Site Promotion and Submission!

LookSmart - Pay Per Click Advertising



Ask Jeeves - Ask


Lawyers, Attorneys, Free Legal Forms & Legal Advice

Teoma - Search with Authority


Welcome to Lycos!

Homepage HotBot Web Search

MIVA Means Business. Grow Your Customers, Grow Your Revenue, Grow Your Busines

Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine. Fast, Free and Easy to Use Add Web Pag

Musipedia About Musipedia

ODP - Open Directory Project

Search engines and sites for midi files

Finding music books and magazines, CDs, records and scores National Library of New Zealand

In Search of a Lost Melody

Musipedia The Open Music Encyclopedia

ParfaitOle - Melody Search Help


Dev - Essential web tools in one place  CSS Javascript Ajax PHP Ruby Flash CMS

Welcome to DevGuru! | DevGuru  ADO ASP CSS2 HTML JavaScript JetSQL PHP T-SQL VBScript WML WMLScript WSH XHTML XML DOM XSLT  Client-Side Accessibility CSS Graphics HTML JavaScript XML Dreamweaver/FrontPage Multimedia Business Matters Website Reviews
Server-Side ASP Perl PHP .Net Java SQL

Hotscripts :: The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal

Welcome to's Developer Channel

Welcome to internet

Scripts Directory of PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, Javascript, Perl and more! - Scripts

Jupitermedia Newsletters: Free mailing lists, email newsletters, and information. Links to newsgroups - also check out the site map

New Architect: New Architect  Commentary and updates on current events and technologies

The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials  The Best Free Source Code and Tutorials



Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

Welcome to Penton Media



Dr. Dobb's  Portal - Software Development

MSDN Home XML From the Inside Out -- XML development, XML resources, XML specif An EarthWeb site

Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents

HTML Goodies - Home Page

InformationWeek > Back Issues

Association of Shareware Professionals


MySource Documentation 2.3

Home Page www.mindcracker

Only4Gurus - Thousands of useful Microsoft resources

Windows &

15 Seconds asp tutorials, asp

Borland Developer Network - Login

Programmers' Heaven - For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming


DevCentral Home


Webmonkey The Web Developer's Resource

Cetus Links18,193 Links on Objects and Components

Official WinDev Archive

Windows Developer Network

SimplytheBest shareware freeware software affiliate programs hosting DHTML scr

Keynote NetMechanic Webmaster Tips Newsletter Free articles to improve your si

Server Side Includes (SSI) Tip

Web Developer's Journal - Tips on Web Page Design, HTML, Graphics, Inter

BNB HTML, free CGI Scripts, graphics, tutorials and more for the webmaster- fo

AOL Download Center - WindowsSystem and utilities


Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters

developerWorks developerWorks Subscription

ZDNet Downloads


Diary of a Developer To Script or Not to Script




Need Scripts One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews, articles an

Microsoft TechNet Home


.NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET,

Coding Basics Tools for the Hobbyist Developer  MSDN gives back to the entry-level and hobbyist developer community with this series of free webcasts.

About Fortunate then search for Text Area Length Validation with Regular Expression

AI Horizon: Related Links to Online Resources on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Programming

Programming Fun Web Languages

A Beginner's Guide to Programming Languages - IT Hare on Soft.ware


CodeGuru CBitPointer Easy Bit Manipulation

Byte swapping and binary files


efg's Endian Page


The Code Project - An introduction to bitwise operators - C++ MFC

struct (Structures)

Digital Mars - Inline Assembler

Byte and Bit Order Dissection


MFC   CListView   CProgressCtrl   CTreeCtrl

The MFC Professional -- MS KB

The MFC Professional -- Source Code and Classes

Saleem Ansari's VC++ Tutorial - Section 22

MFC Archives - February 1998, week 2

Visual C++ Unleashed vcu22fi


126874 - PRB Modal Dialog Box Prevents Calls to PreTranslateMessage

Entity Index

150552 - HOWTO How To Avoid the ODBC Login Dialog when Using MFC

CodeGuru MFC Extension Classes CListCtrlEx and CListViewEx

ResizableFormView - The Code Project - Doc View

mfc programmer's sourcebook database

MFC Programmer's SourceBook Samples

Return of the MFC Black Book

Database Programming - Table of Contents2

Database Programming - Table of Contents

Welcome to the MSDN Library:MFC Database Documentation

Welcome to the MSDN Library

Programmers Heaven - Graphics & Sound Zone - Windows files


Product Documentation


MFC Example Displaying Graphics

My MFC Tutorial

Microsoft Foundation Classes Tutorials

Visual C++MFC


CFileFind Class

MFC Documentation


GUI 2 Homework #2 File Find Utility

Autosave and Crash Recovery - The Code Project - Doc View

CodeGuru Automatically Center the Controls in CFormView

CodeGuru Autosize a column to fit its content

CodeGuru ListView Control


MFC Resizing controls

Removing Untitled from MFC Window

Another Report List Control - The Code Project - List Controls

CFolderTreeCtrl class, or how to select folders and subfolders from a drive -


CodeGuru ListView Control

CodeGuru Sort list (numerictext) using callback

CodeGuru Sorting the list based on text in any column

CodeGuru Sorting the list when user clicks on column header

The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials

The Code Project - List view customizations - List Controls

The Code Project - Sort List Control - List Controls

CodeGuru MFC extension classes CListCtrlEx and CListViewEx

CodeGuru Deleting a Multiple Selection of Rows in a Listview Control

The Code Project - CListCtrl - one of the Blonde classes in MFC - List Control

Win32 Q&A, MSJ September 1997

CListCtrl FAQ, courtesy of Celtic Wolf, Inc

common control 4

Using CustomDraw in a ListView


CodeGuru Detecting column index of the item clicked


Sample Chapter from Microsoft® Mastering MFC Development Using Microsoft Visual Studio

Sleepless-Night . KJ

Visual C++ Unleashed vcu22fi

The Code Project - Drag and Drop between and within a CListCtrl - List Control

The Code Project - Using the List Control - List Controls

The Code Project - Print ListCtrl on multiple pages - List Controls

FunctionX - Visual C++ - ListView on SDI

November 2000 CSIG Meeting

CodeGuru How do I use a derived CListCtrl with a CListView

CodeGuru The Header Control

CodeGuru Sorting list based on integers in any column


Threads in MFC Part I Worker Threads

The Code Project - A Popup Progress Window - Miscellaneous Controls

The Code Project - Status Progress Feedback - Miscellaneous Controls

Threads in MFC programs (Chapter 12)

The Code Project - A new progress bar for all occassions..

C++ Q&A Progress Indicator in the Status Bar, International UI Terms -- MSDN M

Everything you ever wanted to know about Status bars but were afraid to ask


The Code Project - CFolderTreeCtrl class, or how to select folders and subfolder

Welcome to the MSDN Library Using CTreeCtrl


NW 200: 2001

Networking Encyclopedia


TechRepublic - Real World, Real Time, Real IT

TechTarget, The Most Targeted IT Media

Web Development The IT Industry Portal - The Webmaster's Reference Library - Web Authoring Tips & Tutorials

Welcome to

Welcome to's Internet Technology Channel


Download details Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows NT 4

InstallShield - Software Installation and Enterprise Application Management So

ISX KB - Article 23 - How to create a ODBC DSN

Inno Setup



Using Installer Classes to Ease Deployment in VS

Instmsi.exe, Msiexec.exe, Setup.exe, Windows® Installer Bootstrapper, Setup and Deployment

Dev Articles



AOL Computer Center: Secrets of AOL

AOL Autos: Car Guide 2001

AOL:Finance Calculators

AOL Help -- A-Z Index

Description of /cgi-bin/counter

AOL Insider Tips

AOL /cgi-bin

AOL Sites - Who Knew Windows Could Do That? - Top 50 Windows Tips

Sound FAQ


Web and HTML Publishing Software

Building Home Pages

AOL /cgi-bin


Computer Programming - Free Analytics & Website Counter

Frequently Asked Questions About MCAD for Microsoft

MCSD for Microsoft

TCS NYC- MCSE Certification, MCSA, MCP, MSCD.NET, MCAD.NET Certification Train

ASP.NET Course

Information for Developers

Home - NY Certification Program

Jim Keogh

Tech Support Alert's best tech support sites on the Web

InformationWeek The Business Technology Network

Microsoft Expands

What's On Tap for 'Whidbey'

Sun Brewing Simpler Java

FindTutorials - Home Page


LogParser Forums

Microsoft Log Parser Knowledge Base - 100% Fully Managed ASP

Microsoft TechNet - Professor Windows - May 2005 How Log Parser 2

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Documentation Logging Properties Reference

Download details Log Parser 2

Consolidating events with free Log Parser 2

Log Parser 2 Because I've written about Log Parser, I get a bunch of e-mail on the subject. Since Google loves my site for this, I'm going to maintain this page with information for other would-be Log Parser users.

Log Parser 2.2 Internet Information Services Blog

Log Parser v2.1 Using Log Parser to Read Log Files, Log Parser COM Architecture

Analyze your Web Server Data and be empowered with LogParser and Log Parser Lizard GUI - Scott Hanselman


Microsoft Office Reference Guide Accelerating Your Knowledge of Excel

Microsoft Office Reference Guide Mail-Merge E-mail

Microsoft Office Home Page

Microsoft Office Assistance Center

Discussion Groups Home

Microsoft Office Online Power User Corner columns from Office Online

Microsoft Office Search resumes TC1033

pst Outlook files extention

Welcome to WordToys!

Extend your .NET application with Excel

VSTO Zone on OfficeZealot

Office Developer Center Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Solution

Build Office-based apps with a Visual Studio add-in


Paypal IPN Installation and FAQ

PayPal Developer Central - Log In

PayPal - Testing Instant Payment Notification

PayPal - Help Center


Create a PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Handler

IPN URL vs. Return URL vs. return form element - PayPalDev


Community Forums

PayPal - PayPal IPN- Techniques

.NET Tips and Tricks -Implement PayPal's Instant Payment Notification IPN with

PayPal - An Introduction to PayPal and IPN for Developers

PayPal - IPN Tools

PayPal - Instant Payment Notification

OpenSSL The Open Source toolkit for SSLTLS

Paypal IPN Resources

Phil Taylor mambo components, mambo - mosIPN Instant eProduct Delivery

Mambo - A PHP & MySQL Content Management System - Pay to download articles..

PayPal - Website Payments Pro Technical Overview

PayPal - PayPal Web Services & Developer Central


SwiftView® - PCL viewer, HPGL viewer, TIFF viewer 800-304-5941

Tiff for Windows

TIFF and LibTiff Mailing List Archive

IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

Able Fax Tif View - Able Fax Tif View is a FAX and TIFF viewer and converter,

Qwerks - NewView Graphics' File Viewer

Printing, Imaging, Fax and All-in-One Frequently Asked Questions

AlternaTIFF Documentation

AlternaTIFF TIFF Plug-in


New-Window Links in a Standards-Compliant World [HTML & XHTML Tutorials]

Create Dynamic Pop-ups in XHTML 1

INFO Executing Files by Hyperlink and the File Download Dialog Box

HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v

HTML HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial

Cookwood Press - Elizabeth Castro

HTML Goodies

Web hosting, domain names and web design services by FortuneCity

audio for HTML using the EMBED tag

The Electronic Labyrinth Home Page

HTML code help, search engine optimization and web site maintenance tools by NetMechanic

Design Tip: Hide From Email Spiders

W3C's HTML Home Page

World Wide Web Consortium

HTML 4.0 Specification Dave Ragget

Raggett's 10 minute Guide to HTML short introduction to writing HTML

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page Download, Links

The HTML Language HTML coding specifications, the development of and extensions to this language, related languages and specifications, (such as SGML and VRML) and related client-server interfaces.

Internet Tips And Secrets

HTML For Beginners at

HTML Software and Resources - InLoox

HTML5 Beginner's Guide - Tutorial by

>A Detailed HTML Overview - IT Hare on Soft.ware


53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without | Smashing Magazine

/* Position Is Everything */ — Modern browser bugs explained in detail!

Friendly Bit » Levels of CSS knowledge

The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot  2 & 3 column layout with the standard left-side menu using CSS

ASP.NET Web Server Controls and CSS Styles

Media types  Specifying media-dependent style sheets

BrainJar  CSS Positioning and the Box Model

Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

SitePoint Blogs » Simple Clearing of Floats

CSS Shorthand Guide

CSS tips & tricks

A List Apart A List Apart

My Top Ten CSS Tricks [CSS Tutorials]

Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS

CSS Tutorial

mezzoblue  §  css Zen Garden — Design List

Adobe Edge: September 2006 - Building your first CSS site

70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding | Smashing Magazine



Macromedia Flash - Support Center

Support - Power Search Results

Customizing the Search utility Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash resources and tutorials

Building Object-Oriented Applications in Flash 5

Web Players: Alternates

Welcome to FlashLite!

Quick Tips for Flash Macromedia

Flash Sites


Welcome to's Web Developer Channel

moock>> web>> flash

Art's Web Site

Google Search: macromedia.flash

Flash Nexus - XML Socket Server

bokels common actionscripts



hillmancurtis 917 679 2725

killersound - tech center - tutorials


flashgeek Macromedia Flash tutorials Microsoft Powerpoint tutorials books

SWiSH - Download Flash Animation Software - Tutorials Movies Menus Buttons Examples

Accueil FLASH

CANFIELD STUDIOS -- Flash 4 Samples

Flahoo-great variety of templates that can be downloaded today

Flash Central

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA image

FlashMove - The Flash Movement 2


Webmonkey | multimedia : shockwave_flash

Flash Tutorials Step-by-Step with FLAs

Flash templates from WebPlates To Go!


Flash Filmmaker The Index Page

ultrashock - Play free online games, game downloads and multiplayer games


Google Search: macromedia.dreamweaver

Macromedia - Dreamweaver TechNotes: FTP data transfer mode :: All you ever wanted to know about Dreamweaver

The Patty Site

Kaosmail Main Page


MS Excel Web Query Secrets Revealed   Web queries are like having a browser built into Excel. Scrape web pages for data, use Excel formulas to work with the data.

Four Ways to Use Excel as an Internet Reporting Tool   This solution is best for generic charts that need not be interactive or personalized

Microsoft Office Assistance Excel and the Web

Excel Topics

40 Life-Changing Excel Tutorials


Win32 Programming Resources

Windows Multimedia

Contents of the Platform SDK

Functions in Alphabetical Order

Functions by Category

Dialog Boxes


How to read Windows registry

Viewing and Manipulating the Registry

256986 - Description of the Microsoft Windows registry

322756 - HOW TO Back Up, Edit, and Restore the Registry in Windows XP and Wind

308422 - HOW TO Use Backup to Back Up Files and Folders on Your Computer in Wi


TextArea Validation - JavaScript Text box; 5 lines of 65 char - /^(.{0,65}\n|.{65}){0,4}.{0,65}\n?$/

JavaScript Regular Expression JavaScript has implemented a regular expression object


Scott on Writing  Mapping All File Extensions to ASP.NET

Sample Chapter from Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Resource Kit

IIS Problem Unable to add Application Extension Mapping


IIS Tips Tricks & Resources - Forum

Download the Windows 2000 Security Recommendation Guides National Security Agency


Installing and Configuring Microsoft Internet Information Services 5

Windows Server 2003 Tutorials, Visual and Step-by-Step

271071 - HOW TO Set Basic NTFS Permissions for IIS 5

Microsoft Security IIS Lockdown Tool

Internet Information Services 5

Internet Information Services Community Center

HTTP Status Codes



Welcome to!

BigNoseBird.Com's Survey Script

CGI - Common Gateway Interface

The CGI Collection

The CGI Resource Index

The Common Gateway Interface: Security

The WWW Security FAQ

The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Survey and Voting

The Common Gateway Interface

Atair's Code : Work & Business: Matt's Script Archive

Matt's Script Archive: FormMail


cgic an ANSI C library for CGI Programming


use Perl Perlmeme - a Site for Perl Beginners

O'Reilly Network Using Qpsmtpd Qpsmtpd, the mod_perl of Email

mod_perl Welcome to the mod_perl world - Perl 6

The PerlNET Project

use Perl | The Perl Review 0.4 Available - perl

Audio Slide show tutorials

Damian Conway's Online Papers -- Online Catalog: Learning Perl, 3rd Edition

Perl Mongers: Perl user groups

The Perl Review

M-J. Dominus Perl Paraphernalia

Perl Documentation

Jenda's pages

DBE Collectibles

Perl Monks - The Monastery Gates Themes: Linux, Free CGI scripts, Java, JavaScripts programs The IT Industry Portal  --  Perl


Perl Bookmark Database

ActiveState -- Programming for the People

ASPN : Mailing List Archive

ASPN : Reference : ActivePerl Docs

Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web--Visual QuickStart Guide 2nd Edition - a Perl5 CGI Library Your Ultimate Resource for scripts, source code, books, examples, help and more!

Perl Tutorials

Perl Builder Evaluation Software

Welcome to the Perl Archive

Perl in 20 pages The Perl Job site


Microsoft Office Assistance Examples of Microsoft Access data-entry forms, swi

Databases - UIPickList

Using ASP.NET to connect databases to the Web

Example Forms in the Developer Solutions Sample Database

118609 - How To Create an .MDB File for Microsoft Access Databases

184608 - How To Programmatically Create a DSN for SQL Server with VB

Problematic or Programmatic ODBC

Welcome to the MSDN Library - Redistributing ODBC Components to Your Customers

Office Developer Center Code Samples Writing Setup Packages for Your Access Database

Office Developer Center Code Samples Developing ClientServer Solutions with Microsoft Access 2000 Projects

Office XP Tutorial

How to add a data source (ODBC)

Programming ODBC SQL Server Applications

The Code Project - An ODBC (DSNDriver) Manager DLL written in C# (Version - I)

CodeGuru Classes for direct SQL calls with ODBC

Developer .NET UPDATE, May 20, 2003

Visual C++ Unleashed vcu33fi Database Programming Through ODBC

The Code Project - CODBCRecordset class - Database CODBCRecordset class is intended to be full replacement of all ClassWizard generated CRecordset derived classes in MFC projects.

Things NOT to do with CRecordSet (or any other database code)

Creating a Direct Database Project


Oracle Corporation


IBM Software - DB2 Product Family - Family Overview


The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Database Manipulation: Fla

Data Access Worldwide1

Database Journal: Daily Database News And Information for the Database Profess

Programming Microsoft® Office Access 2003 (Core Reference)

Oracle Corporation


IBM Software - DB2 Product Family - Family Overview


Object-Relational DBMS

The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl: Database Manipulation: Flatfile Databases

Data Access Worldwide

Database Journal: Daily Database News And Information for the Database Professional


15 Seconds Code Samples Using File DSNs

237994 - INFO MDAC Upgrade Issues with Access ODBC Driver

Deploy Windows Applications with Visual Studio.NET, Part 1

Deploying Windows Applications with Visual Studio.NET, Part 2

Microsoft Access Driver Programming Considerations

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

ODBC Programmer's Reference

Part 1 Introduction to ODBC

Redistributing MDAC

Setting Options Programmatically for the Access Driver

The Code Project - An ODBC (DSN-Driver) Manager DLL written in C# (Version - I) - C# Database

Create and delete DSN at runtime

Create a System DSN


Upsize Jet Crosstab Queries

Microsoft Access 2003 - A Beginners' Guide

Microsoft Office Access - TechRepublic

Change an Access query's Default View Property to PivotTable

Examples of Access Query Parameters using Choose

Access 2003 Queries Introduced What Is a Query and When Should You Use One

Access 2000 Tutorial · FGCU Technology Skills Orientation

Securing SQL Server Through Access

Microsoft Office Assistance Understanding a Microsoft Access Project

Access Topics

ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers Archives by Author

Microsoft Office Reference Guide Where Are My Socks Accessing Your Important

Microsoft Office Online Access 2003 Home Page

SQL Server Reference Guide Front-Ends 101 Microsoft Access

Access Tips: Access and SQL Part 1: Setting the SQL Scene  Putting VBA and SQL Together; Using DoCmd.RunSQL to Run Action Queries; Building Queries "On the Fly"

HOW TO: Retrieve the Identity Value While Inserting Records into Access Database By Using Visual C# .NET

How to Insert a Date into DateTime Column using ADO.NET and C#

Upper and Lower Case for Access Databases

Google Groups microsoft.public Change text case (uppercase/lowercase) in Access

Utter Access Discussion Forums - WIF vs DAO

DevGuru Jet SQL SELECT Statement

Creating Forms in Microsoft Access

Access Resources

Microsoft Office (General)

Access Technology Institute

Using the NotInList Event

Microsoft Office Assistance Set tab order

Microsoft Access Programming Help - Database Programming Examples

Microsoft Access Database Solutions & Downloads - Downloadable Database Example

Microsoft Access Tutorial

Microsoft Access Fundamentals

Office Developer Center Access


MySQL The World's Most Popular Open Source Database

MySQL-Front - The most popular front end and admin tool for the MySQL database

MySQL MySQL Statements

15 Seconds Tuning Up ADO.NET Connection Pooling in ASP

MySQL Reference Manual 2.3

MyODBC MySQL Reference Manual 25

MySQL Reference Manual ODBC

mysql online tutorial - null column type - mysql column type - null and not null

15 Seconds A Step-by-Step Guide To Using MySQL with ASP

Download ConnectorNet 1 - Articles - The VB

See why ASP

Using MySQL Client Programs

MySQL Reference Manual 15.7

MySQL Lists win32 2005-06

MySQL Migration Toolkit

Referential Integrity in MySQL

MySQL Reference Manual Index

MySQL Lists

MySQL The Complete Reference, chapter 14

MySQL Search

MySQL Reference Manual 5.6

MySQL Reference Manual A.2

MySQL Reference Manual 15 The InnoDB Storage Engine

See why ASP and MySQL

MySQL Developer News (2005)

MySQL Reference Manual 13.1

SQL Server

SQL Server - TechRepublic

Pivot table for Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server - Dynamic Cross-TabsPivot Tables - SQLTeam

Dyess Consulting

Tibor Karaszi's SQL Server pages

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 7 in 21 Days

Working with SQL Server DateTime Variables

Data Access Component for SQL Server in C#

Managing Users Permissions on SQL Server

Optimizing Database Performance Overview

SQL Server Reference Guide

MIS 431 – Registering a SQL Server

SQL Server Selecting data by using LIKE with ESCAPE, SQL Server tutorials

SQL Server Information at SQLTeam

Download details Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Release

SQL Server Database Book Reviews

Fast Track: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000  Develop the skills to master and maximize Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and 2000

SQL Server SQL Joins with Examples, SQL Server tutorials

all in the head — Paging Large Datasets in SQL Server

SQL Server Paging Grand Tourismo! - SQL, database, informix, oracle, SQL Server

Paging in SQL Server 2005 Custom Paging in ASP.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 - Returning Ranked Results with Microsoft SQL Server 2005


Reporting Services Tutorials

SQL Server Reporting Services Samples

Reporting Deliver User-Friendly Reports from Your Application with SQL Server

URL Access

Working with Parameters in Reporting Services

Setting Parameter Properties for a Published Report

SQL Server 2005 Report Design Best Practices and Guidelines

Reporting Services Developer InfoCenter

Using Custom Code References in Expressions (Reporting Services)

Expression Examples in Reporting Services

Google Groups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.reportingsvcs

SQL Server Magazine -- Reporting Services

Delivering Reports Through Subscriptions

lukaszpblog Program Manager on the SQL Server Reporting Services team

Tutorial: Creating a Data-Driven Subscription


Add column Dynamically to DataGrid to Display Calculation

ADO Tutorial

The Code Project - Using ADO

The Code Project - Database Manipulation with ADO


Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language

Google Maps! AJAX-Style Web Development Using ASP

Ruby on Rails 1.1: Web 2.0 on Rocket Fuel (


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor


WDVL: Instant PHP 4

Zend Technologies - The PHP Company - Lifecycle Solutions for Business-Critica

Learning PHP Installing and Configuring, the best resource for PHP tutorials, templates, PHP manuals... This arcticle introduces Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP.

PHP from the Ground Up

PHP/MySQL Tutorial


ASP Tutorial

ASP 101 - Samples Index

Aspin ASP tutorials, scripts, programming, ASP hosting, & code



The ASP Emporium - Handling the Permission Denied Error

ASP Emporium - VBScript, JScript, C#, Classic ASP and ASP.NET Tutorials Tutorials Archive


Specifying Validation Groups

Tutorial 10: ASP .NET: Managing State with ASP.NET and C# - Free Training  Using HttpContext to store values across different web pages

WebControls and HtmlControls

What is ASP.NET?

What is ASP.NET Sells ASP.NET Controls

Five Steps to Getting Started with ASP Articles Tutorials ASP

Free Tutorials, Articles, Examples, Code Snippets, Lists, and more!: ASPAlliance

ASP.NET Web The Official Microsoft ASP.NET 2 ASP.NET Articles

ASP Techniques Home Page

Response.Redirect Method

ASP Today Home

ASPToday - Your Just-In-Time Resource for ASP Code and Techniques

ASP 101 - Active Server Pages 101

ASPWire - ASP News & Information Source

ASP Help, ASP Tutorials, ASP Programming, ASP Code - ASP Free The #1 ASP.NET Community Response .NET Tutorials

ASP.NET.4GuysFromRolla Latest ASP.NET Articles

ASP.NET.4GuysFromRollaDataGrid An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control

ASP Combining Two DataSource Fields Into One DataGrid Column

Data ASP Data ASP.NET Controls

The Code Project - Multiple Column Dropdownlist for the ASP.NET DataGrid - ASP

Get your ASP.NET data binding education here

Types of ASP Types of ASP.NET Data-Bound Controls

Chapter 3 Customizing the HTML Output Specifying Display Properties in the DataGrid and DataList

DotNetJohn Embedding a Detail DataGrid Inside a Master DataGrid - Databases, General What is Why should I use it? What benefits does it have?

Datagrid Girl! [Article Listing] A listing of Datagrid articles from various resource sites:

CodeGuru Where to Put Files with an ASP.NET Host!

Microsoft ASP Using the Global.asax File

Global.asax Syntax

The ASP.NET Web.config File Demystified [ASP & .NET Tutorials]

PublicJoe's - Sample Chapter - ASP .Net for Developers - Chapter 21 - Configuring and Deploying Your ASP.NET Solutions

Create Web Services and Web Forms Programmatically with the .NET Framework SDK

Password protecting your Web pages in ASP

Making sense of ASP.NET Paths

Parse File Paths and URLs in a Heartbeat

ASPWire - ASP News & Information Source

15 Seconds:Home of ASP,VBScript,XML,SOAP,.NET,ASP.NET,IIS,SQL,VB,COM,active se Getting the Most Out of Visual Studio

ASP.NET Microsoft IE TabStrip

About the TabStrip WebControl

Ryan Rinaldi's Blog Like HttpHandlers?

Secure unauthorized download of ZIP files from your site by using HttpHandler

The internals of using an HttpHandler and serving files - ASP

.NET 247 System.Web.IHttpHandler Interface [Discussions]

15 Seconds HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules in ASP

HttpHandlers and HttpModules - ASP Extending the ASP.NET Framework through HttpModules and HttpHandlers.

Microsoft België & Luxemburg - MSDN - Using ASP.NET HTTP Handlers to create a photo album

.NET 247 IHttpHandler and HTTP streaming of audio .wma files on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet.

411ASP.NET ASP.NET Forums, Forum Software, ASP

ASP.NET Forums

Yet Another Forum opensource discussion forum or bulletin board system for web sites running ASP.NET. It is ASP.NET based with a MS SQL backend database.

ASP.NET Resources - ASP with emphasis on web standards

Tracking and Resuming Large File Downloads in ASP

DownLoadFile Control - ASP the process of saving or downloading a file from the server to the client is done by rewriting the header by attaching to it the file that is to be downloaded.

Can i force the browser to open as 'Save As' dialog box - ASP

Force download box - ASP

Problem with Filestream - ASP

response object to download a file - ASP

url rewrite to serve audio file - ASP

Jeffrey Palermo Blog - .NET Developer focusing on web applications with C#

Wilco Bauwer - Recent Syntax Highlighter Update

How Does It Work Building Secure ASP.NET Applications: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Communication

Use Custom Http Handlers To Improve Performance in ASP

HTTP Pipelines Securely Implement Request Processing, Filtering, and Content Redirection with HTTP Pipelines in ASP.NET

httpwww.nemhauser.comarticle Logging Errors Automatically in your ASP.NET Application

Count Image Requests from a Web Server using ASP

Content Thieves

INFO Common Errors When You Debug ASP.NET Applications in Visual Studio

Enterprise .NET Community Inside IIS & ASP how IIS and ASP.NET communicate, and describes some techniques for intercepting some of this communication

Brian Goldfarb's Blog ASP.NET 2 Tutorial: ASP.NET 2.0 How Do I Video Series is here -- excellent


C Languages Knowledge Base

two-way linked list

Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: C: Tutorials

A C Introductory Course

Stanford CS Ed Library

Recursive Functions


C Programming Notes

Free C and C++ Programming Training Materials

Google Directory - Computers > Programming > Languages > C > Tutorials

Programming in C Your Resource for C++ Programming!

C Programming

The C Programming Language

C Programming

Howstuffworks How C Programming Works Good Tutorial

Brian W. Kernighan: Programming in C: A Tutorial -- Online Catalog: Practical C Programming, 3rd Edition


Snippets.Org main page

Allexperts C Q&A

C Optimisation tutorial

Top 10 Ways to be Screwed by "C" -- Welcome to the O'Reilly C/C++ Programming Center -- computer books

Programming in C

comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ List)


CC++ Programming

C programming course

C Programming Reference

The C Programmig Language FAQ

cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI Programming

C Programming: A Modern Approach



C Programming Contents-

Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: C

C Answers

Selected Help on the C Programming Language

C Programming Tips #1

C and C++ Style Guides

CodeGuru C++ Math and Fun

Learn C Programming: Start Coding in C Today on Udemy C Programming-Top 10 Tips

A complete resource to learn C Programming ad for


MFC Programmer's SourceBook Thinking in C++

MFC Programmer's SourceBook Thinking in C++ Abstract base classes and pure virtual functions

C++ FAQ Index

Classic C++ Programs C Languages Knowledge Base



C Languages Knowledge Base


OOPC++Programming Glossary

The Code Project - Use regular expression in your C++ program -



Info on Numerical Recipes in C++

C++ Tutorial - Lesson 10 Arrays and Vectors Mario Giannini

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Book Download Sites

ITtoolbox C Languages Knowledge Base

[c_plus_plus_programming] Re: SV: RE: Force derived classes to have spec

Taligent's Guide to Designing Programs - Base class constructors cannot call v

Taligent's Guide to Designing Programs Table of Contents

C++ Language Reference

Virtual Functions

CS 230 - Lab 7

LaTeX2html Manual

CS250: Access Specifiers, Dynamic Memory and Classes

C++ Guidelines

Home Page for CSX Lectures

/Qv/QvString.h Source File

Index of /Class_Library

My title

CodeGuru - Visual C++ :: C and C++ :: Security :: XOR Encryption Tutorial

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel

Malte Finsterwalder: PalmDoc Books

Frequently Asked Questions

Visual C++ Home



C++: Copy Constructors

C++ Notes: Table of Contents

c, c++, c__,Free source code for the taking. Over five million lines of progra

DeveloperPipelines C++


Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel

Visual C++ Walkthroughs Rich Client Application Walkthroughs

C++: Under the Hood

Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Thinking in C++ Vol 1 Solutions Guide Sample

The Code Project - Easy! Reports - Miscellaneous Controls

Managed C++ Write Image Data Using the ADO

C Languages Content

Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition)

VB, the source for news and tips on Visual Basic,

Passing by Value and by Reference in VB

Apostate Café VB format() function

VB Tutorial 6

VB Helper HowTo Evaluate mathematical expressions using code

Working with Strings in VB

VB Helper HowTo URL encode a string

Development Tools and Languages

VB Command Descriptions

Visual Basic Example Programs, Visual Basic Sample Code, Visual Basic Examples

Startvbdotnet Free VB

NET Nubie

A Practical Guide to VB

Visual Basic Tutorial

Visual Basic White Papers

Visual Basic Developer Center


VanDamme Developers Blog: Strip HTML Tags In C#

C# C Sharp and Tutorials on C# Friends

excel - listview access(mdb)

C++ Q&A Singleton Class Private Constructor, C# Singleton Class, and More -- M

C# Language Specification

C# Syntax Reference Card




NY NJ CT Calendar


Just for Fun C#, C++ and Java Programming - Watson's hot Programming Pages


The Blackout of 2003 NYC My final project for the CTA JAVA Intro class. The applet runs a couple minutes till the screen is all black, then it starts over. I programmed this on battery during the blackout by candle-light.

Implementing the Runnable Interface

Java Search

Taking Advantage of the Applet API

Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks At Once

Threaded Programs Code Samples

Creating a Threaded Slide Show Applet

Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing: Table of Contents

Learning Swing by Example

General Information about Writing Event Listeners

How to Write a Mouse Listener

Summary of Listener API

JOptionPane (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

How to Write a Key Listener

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v 1

Programming 101 By Way of Java by Thomas Boutell


Building a Stateless Session Bean: Step 1

Enterprise JavaBeans Architecture PDF book

The Java Language Environment: 3 - Java is Object Oriented

Xerces Java Parser Readme


bobbyvandersluis Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005

The JavaScript Source: Forms: Limit Textarea controls a maximum textarea input amount and updates a small counter with how many characters are left with each keystroke

javascript textarea count - javascript textbox count lines

Javascript based Word Counter for text entered in a Text area, works for poastback also. - The Code Project - ASP.NET

Ask Ben: Javascript String Replace Method : Kinky Solutions : A Student's Perspective by Ben Nadel

Javascript Examples - JAVASCRIPTS: Javascript Categories

How to limit the number of characters entered in a TEXTAREA in an HTML form

The JavaScript Programming Language

The JavaScript Source: Page Details: Limit Characters and Lines limits characters and lines within a textarea

Paragraph Stats: Writing a JavaScript Program to 'Measure' Text

Digital Web Magazine - Seven JavaScript Techniques You Should Be Using Today


Webmonkey | Reference: Unix Guide

Introduction to vi


ADO Primer Structured Query Language (SQL) Basics


adam machanic data manipulation for fun and profit Rowset string concatenati

My code library (SQL Server T-SQL code samples, snippets, examples, tips, tric

SQL How To's Part 1

Just SQL Part I

MySQL Gotchas


SQL Queries for Mere Mortals

Microsoft Access Query Examples

SQL Tutorial

SQL Reference and Example Site featuring Cinema SQL


IBM Rational software - Unified Modeling Language - UML Resource Center

Unified Modeling Language FAQ


What is object-oriented programming - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Com

The Object-Oriented Page

Bibliographies on Object-Oriented Programming and Systems

GNA OOP/C++ - Suggested Readings


object-oriented programming - a Whatis com definition - see also: OOP

Comp.Object FAQ Version 1.0.5 (12-13) Announcement

Object Oriented Programming in Objective-C

The C++ Virtual Library

Component Technology Homepage

Microsoft Office Web Component

Office XP Web Components ActiveX controls embedded in Web pages to provide Office-like functionality

4GuysFromRolla Creating Excel Spreadsheets with Office Web Components (OWC)

OWC Spreadsheet Component Calculations with ASP Using Office Web Components to Load Excel Workbooks and do Calculations

Using the Office Web Components to create dynamic charts create a chart from an array

Web Service

Microsoft UDDI Business Registry (UBR) node

IBM Software Solutions Web services by IBM UDDI


Understanding Web Services




Useful command-line utilities

PCIN - Learn DOS

Learn DOS in a few dozen paragraphs!

DOS Lessons for SmartPlanet's Desktop Lounge


HOWTO: Activate a Full Screen MS-DOS or Console Application

Five Windows command prompt tips every IT pro should know | TR Dojo |



U.S. Nationwide ISPs



1&1 Internet Inc

LFC Hosting

Web Hosting by iPowerWeb

Hosting Comparison iPowerWebStartLogic Review iPowerWebStartLogic Hosting

Sentris - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Internet Access, Web Design, Merchantant Account, Web Redirect

VirtualAvenue: Home

VAdmin Guide

Web hosting, domain names and web design services by FortuneCity


Microsoft Corporation

Search the Knowledge Base

MSDN Home Page

Welcome to the MSDN Library

MSDN Events - Home

MSDN Developer Bookstore

Welcome to Windows SDK  Welcome to the Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ February 2006 Community Technology Preview (CTP).

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Macintosh

Windows XP Tips - Who Knew Windows Could Do That? - Top 50 Windows Tips

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Home Page

Windows Xp Fix Zone Home(wixpfix)

How to Update Your Computer with the JPEG Processing (GDI+) Security Update

Tech Support Alert's best tech support sites on the Web

AXCEL216's MAX Speeed WinDOwS ©Tricks + Secrets

MSWindows Update

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows It's the future of Windows ..

Wheaty Productions Inc.

DLL Help Database

Microsoft Press Online Home Page - Microsoft Internet Explorer

Bob Cerelli's Windows Page

Troubleshooting Windows XP, Tweaks and Fixes for Windows XP

Upgrading to Windows XP

Microsoft Universal Data Access Download Page

MDAC (GA) Release Manifest

Windows 98-Using Windows 98

Windows XP: Disable Windows XP Startup Screen - Windows-Help.NET

Microsoft's History and Achievements - High Capacity Color Barcode | Generate QR Codes


IDesign WinFX Design and Process Solutions design and architecture phases of development and advanced training of .NET and WinFX

Windows Forms - WinForm Controls

.NET code Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Microsoft HowTo QuickStarts Tutorial How Do I...Pass An Object to a Server By Reference?

Message Board Home Page talk with other GotDotNet users about .NET

XP Pro

How to use MSCONFIG NetSquirrel

Sysinfo Startup Applications List

Win XP Tutorial Part 3 - An introduction to the Taskbar

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

Attrib - Edit file attributes

Microsoft Windows and applications shortcut keys

Windows XP A to Z - Tips, Tweaks, Articles, Downloads, Wallpapers, Visual Styl

Windows XP Newsgroups Frequently Asked Questions

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional How-to Articles for IT Pros

How to Configure Windows XP TCPIP to Use DNS

Windows XP


MSDN Wiki Home Page  add content to VS 2005 documentation topics and edit contributions from other users

Whole Tomato Software

BreakPoint Software, Inc

Introduction to TextPad

Perl Needs Better Tools

PerlEdit Home Page Resources for Topic Lists [June 27, 2002]

ActiveState - ActiveState - Products - Productivity Tools - Komodo

ActiveState - ActiveState - Products - Productivity Tools - Komodo - More Info

Open Perl IDE


Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor - UltraEdit

Xarka Software Home

jEdit - Open Source programmer's text editor

The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page 020624

EditPlus Text Editor, HTML Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows - Welcome!

Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors




How to Use the Balanced Scorecard - I.T. VALUE - CIO Magazine May 15,2002

kmci Resource Center - R&D, Papers, Books, Articles, Website...

KMForum Home Page Rev3.1

Darwin Executive Guides - Knowledge Management

Core Paradigm -- Resources

White Papers and DKMS Briefs

KMNetwork The Knowledge Management Network

CIO Magazine Articles on ERP, CRM, knowledge management, strategy, alignment,


YAMAHA Keyboard - Music Software Music Software for music arrangers, music technicians and software programmers

I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved : eConsultant

IISlogViewer download - IIS Log Reader is a simple application to open, par IIS Log Reader is a simple application to open, parse and show IIS logs.

Axe Software Xlogan: Web site log file reader

Free downloads encyclopedia - Softpedia

Email software from Internet category for windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP

Client Software

Just for Fun C#, C++ and Java Programming - Watson's hot Programming Pages

Whole Tomato Software

Academic Software, Academic Software Discounts, Student Software

Studica Try them first

Discount Retail, OEM, Educational Software Cheap-Sale Prices


BreakPoint Software, Inc The Home of The Hex Workshop Hex Editor (The Best) Your source for file formats, specifications, and definitions

80-20 Software -

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

File Library at Channel 1 Programmers Tools

IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

Hex Editor, Binary Files, Binary Editor, Programmers Editor, Binary Templates,

Binary file editor for Windows, FAQ

Windows Hex Editor for Programmers, Power Users


FTP Explorer - The easy way to Download Files and Upload Web Pages


Lesson #5 - FFiF 0

Product Line Features

Antarctica Systems

Tucows Downloads » Downloading File Property Modifier - 1.1.0

CDDB(tm) music organizer software for your DJ music database or DJ music collection

CD Catalog CD Database software, catalog your music collection in a database

Argentum - MyFiles

Free software downloads, audio tools, internet utilities, DirectX plugins

Myriad Music Notation Software, and much more..

The Palette - Melody Composing Tool. The Music software that is based on the C

Freeware - free PC MIDI software for noncommercial use

Harmony Central® Software

Association of Shareware Professionals Portable Application Description (PAD)

Music Software - Computer Music Resources - Shareware Music Machine


The Song Librarian Index

Music Organizer Software - MP3, CD, DVDs, tapes, records,

Shareware Sites

Rogue Wave Stingray Studio


Maximum MIDI


MIDI TechnicalProgramming Docs

Home Page of Craig Stuart Sapp

MIDI programming in Linux

Essentials of the MIDI protocol

KeyKit Download Site

Rogus McBogus

Standard MIDI File Structure

MidiMountain All Classes, Interfaces and Objects

Standard MIDI Files 0


Java 2 Platform SE v1.3

Midi Output Manager (MOM) - MIDI Meta files

MIDI Output Manager (MOM) - MIDI Output Manager class

MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center

MIDI Specification

MIDI File Format

Windows Programming

Low Level MIDI API


MIDI File Format Chunks

Standard MIDI Files - The Sonic Spot

MIDI Manufacturer's Association

IASIG - Adaptive Audio Now!

Internet, Music, Video and Sport

Improv ComputerPerformer Interaction in C++

JAVASOUND-INTEREST archives -- November 1999 (#16)

Harmony Central® Windows Software MIDI Utilities


UW Libraries - Music Library - Projects

MIDI Jukebox Organizer @ Need Scripts

MIDI Search Engine Let MIDI Explorer find your files

Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File

vanBasco's MIDI Search

MIDI MP3 File Search


Seafield Technologies - The Home of MIDI on the net

MidiFile DLL for Windows 95NT


Xenoage MusicXML Converter

MEng project lil2

CodeProject: MIDI Star. Free source code and programming help MFC .NET DirectX to compile a MIDI parser into a Guitar Hero game

Playing MIDI Files

MIDI.js - Sequencing in Javascript. Sound being generated with HTML5

Web MIDI Browser browse Web Apps made with Web MIDI API (HTML5)

Making Music in the Browser - Web MIDI API | Keith McMillen Instruments


Playing MIDI Files

The Code Project - A Basic Media Player - Audio and Video

The Code Project - Using MCI to control multimedia - Audio and Video

Using the Media Control Interface

Using MCI to control multimedia - CodeProject

A Basic Media Player - CodeProject


About the Windows Media Player SDK

Distributing Your Application

Embedding the Windows Media Player Control in an MFC Project

Microsoft Windows Media - Knowledge Center

Using the Windows Media Player Control with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Welcome to the MSDN Library

Windows Media Player Redistributing


About ActiveX Controls

ActiveX Control Containers Inserting a Control into a Control Container Application

ActiveX Control Containers Manually Enabling ActiveX Control Containment

ActiveX Control Containers

ActiveX Controls, What are they

ActiveX, Download Free Controls ActiveX Controls

ActiveX, Download Free Controls MCI ActiveX Control

ActiveX, Download Free Controls

Add an ActiveX Control to a Project - A Walkthrough

Containers Client Items

Containers Compound Files

Containers Implementing a Container

Containers User-Interface Issues


Creating an MFC ActiveX Control Container


How to Register an ActiveX Object as the Player for a Media Type

Introduction to ActiveX Controls ActiveX Controls

Introduction to ActiveX Controls General Guidelines

Introduction to ActiveX Controls Overview

Introduction to ActiveX Controls

Register ActiveX Controls Easily

Use an ActiveX Control - A Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Writing an ActiveX Control

Welcome to the MSDN Library

CodeGuru ActiveX Control Tutorial Multialarm Clock


Extend your .NET application with Excel

Easily utilize Microsoft Word functionality in your

IServe www.BeginThread

Adding an MFC Class from a Type Library

Inside Distributed COM Type Libraries and Language Integration

Frequently Asked Questions About Visual Studio

COM Component Object Model Technologies How are COM and .NET related?