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Learning AJAX & Javascript by Example - Tutorials, Source-Code and Documentation by Max Kiesler
» Enhance applications with the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Programming and Development
A P R E S S . C O M Foundations of ASP.NET AJAX
C# Ajax Control Toolkit CascadingDropDown Step By Step at OmegaMan’s Musings
Using the AJAX Control Toolkit in ASP.NET 3.5 and C# : ProgrammingHelp : Web Development and Programming Help Tutorials
CodeProject: Auto-suggest Control. Free source code and programming help
ASP.NET AJAX > Overview > The UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress Controls > Partial-Page Rendering Overview
JavaScript & AJAX | Nettuts+How to Inject Custom HTML and CSS into an iframe
CodeProject: Rock the Cache Bar, Rock the Cache Bar. Free source code and programming help
html - WebForms UnobtrusiveValidationMode requires a ScriptResourceMapping for 'jquery'. Please add a ScriptResourceMapping named jquery(case-sensitive) - Stack Overflow
ListControl.AppendDataBoundItems Property in ASP.NET 2.0 - ScottGu's Blogitems in an existing list are prepended-to when the control is databound
HOW TO: Implement a DataSet SELECT DISTINCT Helper Class in Visual C# .NETcreate a DataTable object that contains the unique values of a column of another DataTable
DataTable.Select Method (String, String) (System.Data)Gets an array of all DataRow objects that match the filter criteria, in the specified sort order.
Scott on WritingRepeater and ViewState
ASP.NET Tip: Using RadioButton Controls in a Repeater - CodeGuruMake RadioButtons in repeater behave as group
Raising an Event
6 important uses of Delegates and Events - CodeProject
Delegates in C# - CodeProject
Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions - CodeProject
Dynamic Controls Dynamic Controls in ASP.NET
CodeProject: How To Perpetuate Dynamic Controls Between Page Views in ASP.NET. Free source code and programming help
Registering HttpHandlers
IHttpHandler Interface (System.Web)
walkthrough Creating a Synchronous HTTP Handler
ASP.Net 2.0 - Master Pages Tips, Tricks, and Traps
codeproject Adding attributes to the body tag when using Master Pages. Free source code and programming help
Master Pages in ASP .Net 2.0
Working with ASP.NET Master Pages Programmatically
ASP.NET Site Maps
ASP.NET Site Navigation Providers
ASP.NET Site Navigation
ASP.NET Site-Map Security Trimming
Example Access Site-Map Provider
How to Implement ASP.NET Site-Map Providers
How to Programmatically Enumerate Site-Map Nodes
Implementing ASP.NET Site-Map Providers
MasterPages - Dynamically Created Menus Disappearing - .NET ASP
Menu.MenuItemDataBound Event (System.Web.UI.WebControls)
MenuItemBindingCollection Class (System.Web.UI.WebControls)
QuickStarts Source Control Viewer
recipe Implementing Role-Based Security with ASP.NET 2.0 using Windows Authentication and SQL S
Securing ASP.NET Site Navigation
Site Map Providers
StaticSiteMapProvider Class (System.Web)
Wicked Code The SQL Site Map Provider You've Been Waiting For -- MSDN Magazine, February 2006
ASP.NET Google Sitemap - Brendan Kowitz's .Net Blog
Using D3.js and ASP.NET SignalR for Real-time Data Visualization
SignalR: ASP.NET Way of Socket Programming - CodeProject
Introduction to Signal-R - CodeProject
SiteMap Examining ASP.NET 2.0's Site Navigation - Part 1
Custom Site Map Providers in ASP.NET 2.0
Scott on Writing
Wicked Code The SQL Site Map Provider You've Been Waiting For -- MSDN Magazine, February 2006
Web Server Controls - Adding Events To Custom Server Controls - Building A Server Control For Validation - Subclass .NET Server Controls To Add Validation
Building the Custom Server Control Examples
CoDe Magazine - Article ASP.NET Development Through Web Controls and Declarative Programming
CoDe Magazine - Article Custom Web Controls Demystified, Part 1
CoDe Magazine - Article Custom Web Controls Demystified, Part 2
Composition vs. Rendering
Developing a Composite Control
Developing ASP.NET Server Controls
Developing Custom Data-Bound Web Server Controls for ASP.NET 2.0
Eventing Within Composite Web Custom Controls - The Code Project - ASP.NET
Validators: The Easy Way To Build Business Rules into Your UI -- Visual Studio Magazine
CodeProject: Using and Developing an AutoSuggest ASP.NET Server Control Library. Free source code and programming help
Creating Instances of UserControls Declaratively and Programmatically - CodeProject
.NET Cheat Sheets « Just Sayin’ More Words
ASP.NET 2.0 Provider Model Introduction to the Provider Model
Binding SQL Data to a DataList Control
Configuring ASP.NET 2.0 Application Services to use SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 - ScottG
Creating Custom Columns for the ASP.NET Datagrid
Cutting Edge Personalization and User Profiles in ASP.NET 2.0 -- MSDN Magazine, October 2005
Ensure data integrity with validation in ASP.NET
How to Send Data Using the WebRequest Class
How To Write Binary Files to the Browser Using ASP.NET and Visual C# .NETFor cross-browser I use this (bottom of page) -- Building Web Parts, Part 2
Performing Form Validation with Validation Controls Checking for a Range of Values The RangeVa
Personalization with ASP.NET 2.0
Plunging into .NET Development - Weblog Pieter Gheysens Personalization [Web Parts] in ASP.NET
Retrieving HTTP content in .NET with WebRequest-WebResponse
Shared Code Folders in ASP.NET Web Sites
Software Development in the Real World 20 Tips to Improve Application Performance
The Code Project - Internet programming primer (general overview and history of ASP.NET) - ASP.
Using Visual Web Developer as a Non-Administrative User
Using WebRequest and WebResponse classes
Complete Lifecycle of an ASP.Net page and controls | Tim | Tim Gaunt
GrabBag<T>: ASP.NET 2.0 Page Lifecycle Postercool poster that details the ASP.NET 2.0 page lifecycle, and it includes the Page, Control, and Adapter events
ASP.NET Application and Page Life Cycle - CodeProject
Collection of .NET Framework and Visual Studio PostersCollection of .NET Framework and Visual Studio Posters available for free.
Extract Images and Icons of .NET Resources - CodeProject
Web Server and ASP.NET Application life Cycle in Depth - CodeProject
Asp.Net 4.5 features - Part 1 - CodeProject
A Server Timer using ASP.Net Client side callback
ASP.NET Page Life Cycle - CodeProject
An introduction to Gulp - CodeProjectASP.NET 5 (i.e. MVC 6) includs two important build systems out-of-the-box (with IDE integration): The established Grunt task runner and its newer rival Gulp
CodeProject: Bookmark merger for Mozilla Firefox. Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: Firefox Bookmark Manager by C# and XML. Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: Search Articles. Free source code and programming helpKeyword: Bookmark — Keep your favorites handybookmark coagulator
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Mobile Perf bookmarkletDisplays menu of web developer tool links that load other bookmarklets including Firebug Lite, Page Resources, DOM Monster, SpriteMe, CSSess, and Zoompf
deCSS3 - a bookmarklet for graceful degradation.Currently supports: Chrome, Safari
Pocket | Using the Pocket Bookmarklet
Bookmarklet Opens URLs In Any Of 53 Different Android Browsers - Manymo
Prefilling Forms with a Custom Bookmarklet | CSS-Tricks
SelectorGadget: point and click CSS selectors
Bookmarklets in the design world — Designing Medium — Medium
FormFiller – Stop Wasting Your Time
sparkbox/mediaQueryBookmarklet · GitHub
Access Modifiers
Access Modifier For Beginners - CodeProjectpublic, private, Internal, protected, protected internal
Browse by Tags - Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Site Home - MSDN Blogs"async-await" feature from Eric Lippert's Blog
CodeProject: What's in Your Collection? Part 3 of 3: Custom Collections. Free source code and programming help
Having fun with custom collections! - CodeProject
Know your collections: from IEnumerable to List and beyond - CodeProject
Using human readable enum values in a ComboBox - CodeProject®
Setting Enumerators From Questionable Data Sources (for C# and VB) - CodeProject
CodeProject: Complete Class of Events. Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: C# events fundamentals and exception handling in multicast delegates. Free source code and programming help
Custom Events and Delegates for Beginners - CodeProject
CodeProject: What’s the Deal with Interfaces?. Free source code and programming help
Example of when Interfaces are incredibly useful - CodeProject
Interfaces in C# (For Beginners) - CodeProjectPart II
Conversion operators - CodeProject
String formatting in C#
Int32.TryParse Method (String, Int32) (System)Converts the string representation of a number to its 32-bit signed integer equivalent. A return value indicates whether the operation succeeded.
Encoding.Convert Method
Nullable Types in C#.Net - CodeProject
Exploring Nullable types : Part 1 « Brij's arena of .NET
Dynamic vs. Var vs. Object - CodeProject
Nullable Types in C#.NET - CodeProject
Out and REF in C# - CodeProject
Convert VB.NET to C# - Developer Fusion, the UK developer community - VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP an
Granada Coder, C#, Sql Server Blog
VB.NET and C# Comparison
SteveX Compiled » String Formatting in C#
Chapter 27: Nullable Types
Polymorphism: Part 1 | John Teague's BlogPolymorphism Part 2: Refactoring to Polymorphic Behavior
An advanced introduction to C# - Tech.Pro
Virtual vs Override vs New Keyword in C# - CodeProject
C#: Things You Should Know - System.Environment variables - CodeProject
Must Remember: 9 Key Concepts to Keyword 'Static' - CodeProject
Diving in OOP (Day 1) : Polymorphism and Inheritance (Early Binding/Compile Time Polymorphism) - CodeProject
Inheritance in C# with Example Programs - CodeProject
Cool Calendar - Amazing Calendar without popup - The Code Project - ASP.NET
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Google Chrome Developer Tools - Google Code
33 fantastic Chrome extensions | Feature | .net magazine
Writing Chrome Extensions | Dr Dobb's
Chrome Dev Tools: Markup and Style | Nettuts+
Chrome Dev Tools: Networking and the Console | Nettuts+
Breakpoint Episode 5: DevTools Grab bag - YouTube
What's New in Chrome 24 - SitePointMathematical Markup Language
How to Edit Source Files Directly in Chrome - SitePoint
Using the Console - Chrome Developer Tools — Google Developers
Mobile Emulation - Chrome Developer Tools — Google Developers
Blink - QuirksBlogrendering engine for Chrome and Opera
Taming The Unicorn: Easing JavaScript Memory Profiling In Chrome DevTools
Fluent 2013: Paul Irish, "JavaScript Authoring Tooling" - YouTubeChrome DevTools
Developing Google Chrome Extensions | Nettuts+
Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013 - HTML5 Rocks
Chrome DevTools — Google DevelopersJavaScript Memory Profiling
Chrome Developer Tools - Code School
Dewey. Better bookmarks for Google Chrome™
Debugging Asynchronous JavaScript with Chrome DevTools - HTML5 Rocks
12 Extensions & Apps that Fill the Gaps in Chrome DevTools -Telerik Developer Network
Better Responsive Website Testing in Google Chrome
16 Ways to Search, Find and Edit with Chrome DevTools | Telerik Developer Network
Using Azure Mobile Services in your web apps through ASP.NET Web API | StrathWeb
50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools CSS Smashing Magazine
A List Apart Articles CSS Drop Shadows
ColorSchemer - Online Color Scheme GeneratorGood color picker
Neutrals Hex Color Codes: Hexadecimal codes for named colors used in HTML page featuresEvery shade of gray
css shadow filter, css drop shadow effect, learn CSS
Microsoft® Expression®
Useful List Of Web Development Tools
7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code CSS Smashing Magazine
Why tables for layout is stupid problems defined, solutions offered
A List Apart Topics Code CSS
CSS Reference
70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding Smashing Magazine
CSS and Links | multiple link schemes, hover effects || HTMLSource ]
Dynamic 5 Column Layout Generator -
Simple 2 column CSS layout, final layout | 456 Berea Street
CSS Font and Text Style WizardShows example CSS and HTML source code. The code will update dynamically as you press the buttons above.
15 Must Read Articles for CSS Beginners
LESS - Leaner CSSLESS extends CSS with variables, mixins, operations and nested rules
A List Apart: Articles: Sliding Doors of CSS
25 Rounded Corners Techniques with CSS
Clickable Background Images Via CSS
The Definitive Guide to Using Negative Margins | CSS | Smashing Magazine
CodeProject: Facelift to Forms; Part 2: Button - By . Free source code and programming helpCSS and submit buttons
CSS Differences in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 - Smashing Magazine
Why tables for layout is stupid: problems defined, solutions offered: Everything on one page)
50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques - Smashing Magazine
CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 Help Cheat Sheets (PDF) - Smashing Magazine
50 New Useful CSS Techniques, Tools and Tutorials - Smashing Magazine
A complete guide to CSS pseudo-classes - Suburban Glory
IE CSS Bugs That’ll Get You Every Time | CSS-Tricks
Script Junkie | Bulletproof Cross-Browser CSS TechniquesGood approach to CSS by Klemen Slavič
Using CSS3: Older Browsers And Common Considerations - Smashing Magazine
Better Semantics with CSS Combinators & Selectors » HTML & CSS, Layout » Design Festival
CSS Cascading Style Sheets for Websites from
Infinite All-CSS Scrolling Slideshow | CSS-Tricks
#15: Introduction to Firebug | CSS-Tricks
Developing with Browser- and Feature-Detection » SitePoint
Safe CSS Defaults | Nimbupani Designs
CSS3 Border Images | zenelements
CSS Reference - MDN
Original Hover Effects with CSS3
Selectivizr - CSS3 pseudo-class and attribute selectors for IE 6-8
Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
How Do I Target IE7 or IE8 Using CSS Hacks? | Impressive Webs
InstaCSS | Instant CSS Documentation SearchThis page doesn't display in IE
ColRD: Gradient Creator
Get to grips with CSS3 multiple background images | Tutorial | .net magazine
2011 in review: 20 CSS sites that rocked! | Feature | .net magazine
Knyle Style Sheets — Warpspiremethodology for writing maintainable, documented CSS
CSS3 Patterns Gallery
10 Top CSS Design Resources » Web Design » Design Festival
Responsive Design with CSS3 Media QueriesAdapt to any size viewport
Sergio Camalich | Blog: CSS Pseudo-elements: :Before & :After
CSS3 Click Chart | CSS3 Browser Support and Information
The Lowdown on :Before and :After in CSS | Design Shack
Resolution Independence With SVG - Smashing Coding | Smashing Coding
(Better) Tabs with Round Out Borders | CSS-Tricks
How to create a stunning and smooth popup using jQuery | yensdesign - Tutorials, Web Design and CodingNice looking CSS for div popup
Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -
* { box-sizing: border-box } FTW « Paul Irish
What’s the Deal With Display: Inline-Block? | Design Shack
10 of the coolest CSS3 and CSS effects | Webdesigner Depot
Pure CSS Tool Tips Revisited | Impressive Webs
cssarrowpleaseBuild a CSS arrow
Everything You Never Knew About CSS Floats | Design Shack
CSS: The Good Parts | Impressive Webs
Learn CSS Selectors interactively
Cube · Intro to CSS 3D transforms › Docs
The Tilde is an Amazing CSS Selector. - Nicholson Web Software
Getting Started with CSS Media Queries - Dan Wahlin's WebLog » Essential considerations for crafting quality media queries
The amazing powers of CSS - HTML5Rocks Updates
Powerful New CSS- and JavaScript-Techniques (2012 Edition) | Smashing Coding
147 Colors | CSS Color Names
CSS background image hacks – Nicolas GallagherEmulating background image crop, background image opacity, background transforms, and improved background positioning.
10 CSS Rules Every Web Designer Should Know
101 CSS and JavaScript tutorials to power up your skills | Creative Bloq
A List Apart: Articles: Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS
How to Build a CSS3 Sliding Menu - SitePoint
8 CSS tools for better web design
CSS Font Stack :: A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks :: Web Fonts
CSS Values | CSS Reference, Properties and Values, CSS3
Using CSS3 transitions: A comprehensive guide | Adobe Developer Connection
Rounded corner generator : css3 or images & css
CSS3 2D and 3D graphics and animation effects | Adobe Developer Connection
Mehmet BAT : The Shapes of CssMaking shapes with CSS in ie9, chrome, safari, firefox, opera
Master of the :nth-child | CSS3 pseudo classes and :nth-child ranges
Specificity Calculator
5 CSS Properties That Give Designers Fits - DesignFestival » The Future of CSS Layout presentation at Future of Web Design conference
Stu Nicholls | CSSplay | Experiments with cascading style sheets | Doing it with Style
Code smells in CSS — CSS Wizardry—CSS, Web Standards, Typography, and Grids by Harry RobertsCSS quality, maintainability and integrity
HTML5 & CSS3 Tools and Tutorials
Getting to Know CSS3 Selectors: Structural Pseudo-Classes part 2
A Responsive CSS Background Image Technique - Inspect Element
Advanced CSS3 2D and 3D Transform Techniques
All you need to know about CSS Transitions | Alex MacCaw
Single Element Pure CSS3 Double Fold Ribbon
CSS TARDIS by John Galantini
Smooth Scroll to Top Using CSS3 Animations!And Javascript: $("body").css("transition", "all 1s ease");
Flexbox: CSS Flexible Box Layout
6 Most Programmer Friendly CSS Frameworks
Transitions & Animations - An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS
5by5 | The Web Ahead #49: CSS Layouts with Rachel Andrew
Learn CSS Layout
5 Extremely Useful But Rarely-Used CSS3 Properties - DesignFestivalMultiple Backgrounds, Transitions, RGBa, Inner Shadow, Transform
csscss by zmoazenifind duplicated declarations
BARREL | Text-align: Justify and RWDnav and grid fluid and responsive layout using text-align: justify
Working with Pure CSS Modules, part 1 | TechRepublic
Height equals width with pure CSS
Check out CSS Wizardry for guidelines to write clear, maintainable CSS - TechRepublic
extractCSS - Online CSS Extractoronline tool which can extract ids, classes and inline styles from HTML document and output them as CSS stylesheet
operasoftware/ucss · GitHubFind unused and duplicate CSS
CSS3 Transformations Archives - SitePoint
Create CSS3 - Easy CSS3 Generator
CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet - Justin Aguilar
10 Terrific Time-Saving CSS Cleanup Tools - SitePoint
Slanted tabs with CSS 3D transforms | Lea Verou
CSS3 SpecificityCSS Specificity Calculator
The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet
CSS3 Box Model behaviour
Moonlighting with CSS text-shadow - SitePoint
Multi-Line Padded Text | CSS-Tricks
CSS Alignment and Sizing Snippets | Flippin' Awesome
Absolute Centering - CodePen
CSS Animation Tricks: State Jumping, Negative Delays, Animating Origin, and More | CSS-Tricks
5 Ways that CSS and JavaScript Interact That You May Not Know About
HTML5 Hub | After… no, no, ::before… wait…
The Current Generation of CSS3 Selectors
CSS Vocabulary
50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools CSS Smashing Magazine
CSS 3D Solar System - CodePen
Clearing Floats: An Overview of Different clearfix Methods
7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with CSS
StyleStats - Useful tool to collect CSS statisticsStyleStats is a Node.js library to collect CSS statistics!
CSS Hexagon Generator
uncss: Find Unused CSS
12 Little-Known CSS Facts (The Sequel)
Z63 | Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS | zerosixthree
Modern Clean CSS “Sticky Footer”
CSS Stats
SpectralColor picker
Stylify Me - Online Style Guide GeneratorBackground Color picker
Screencast: CSS's Adjacent Sibling Selector
Clipping in CSS and SVG – The clip-path Property and >code<>clipPath<>/code< Element
Hacks for dealing with specificity – CSS Wizardry – CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, performance and more, by Harry Roberts – The First CSS Variable: currentColorDudley Storey blog
CSS Shorthand Generator
Guide to Responsive-Friendly CSS Columns | CSS-Tricks
CSS "position: sticky" - Introduction and Polyfills
Gridloveradjustable css for font sizes, line heights and margins
Flexplorerexplore CSS3 Flexible Box model
Some CSS tricks; or what we do at our Naked Fridays — Frontend Babel
Centering in CSS: A Complete Guide | CSS-Tricks
CSS Shapes Editor for Chrome
uiGradients - Beautiful coloured gradients
Pure CSS Off-screen Navigation Menu
Online CSS Unminifier - Peter Coles
Viewport units: vw, vh, vmin, vmax - Web Design Weekly
Chris Wright - Experiment: Flexbox Adventures
Center and crop images with a single line of CSS — Medium
TACHYONS - Form follows function
shadeMathematically derived gradient explorer
A Primer To Background Positioning In CSS : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog
3 Things (Almost) No One Knows About CSS
Randomized CSS3 Gradient Generator
mblode/marx · GitHubCSS stylesheet for small projects built on top of Sanitize.css
An Introduction to Mobile-First Media Queries
Understanding CSS Counters and Their Use Cases
CSS hacks you may not know
Coder's Block Blog / Iconifying Contenticon-sized preview of page content
Understanding the CSS 'content' Property
Understanding Block Formatting Contexts in CSS
NTH-TEST | nth-child and nth-of-type Tester
A Look at Length Units in CSS
Implementing "Show More/Less" Functionality with Pure CSS
Cutting the Mustard with CSS Media Queries
IndexCSS keywords
flexbox in 5 minutesCSS property: flexbox
Constructing CSS Quantity Queries On The Fly — Smashing Magazine
CSS Color Chart
Responsive Web Design Tips from Bootstrap's CSS
11 CSS Learning Tools and Resources
You Don't Need JavaScript for That!
Randomized CSS3 Gradient Generator
draGGradients -- create custom css radial-gradients dragging your mouse
Understanding CSS Specificity / Zillow Engineering Blog
10 Hidden CSS3 Properties You Should Know - Hongkiat
The 5 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks of 2014 Compared
CSS Ruler • Explore CSS lengths.
Another 20 Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers
Layout Secret Weapon #1: The CSS Table Property
What IS Flexbox? — Medium
CSS Properties to Control Web Typography
Using CSS flexible boxes - CSS | MDN
Dive into Flexbox - Design, Tools & Workflow - Bocoup
Laying Out A Flexible Future For Web Design With Flexbox – Smashing Magazine
Complex CSS Selectors Inside Selectors | WebKit
The Mega CSS3 Cheat Sheet InfographicMake A Website Hub
7 Principles Of Clean And Optimized CSS Code CSS Smashing Magazine
A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks
Visualizing Flexbox
Flexbox Cheatsheet Cheatsheet
CSS Flexbox - 5 Considerations; Flexbox, floats, and inline-block for layouts; Padding vs margins in CSS
CSS tools I use — Medium
geuis/helium-css · GitHubdiscover unused CSS across many pages
Using Modernizr with FlexboxModernizr feature-detection script now includes four tests for flexbox support
Modern web layout with flexbox | Webdesigner Depot
Experiment: Using Flexbox Today - Chris Wright
Flexbox Quote Bricks
Watch: Using Modernizr CSS Classes
print.css — only display what's needed
AllThingsSmitty/css-protips · GitHub
Understanding the CSS 'content' Property
Flexbox Tester · MadebyMike
5 Things You Might Not Know About the CSS Positioning Types | Scotch
What The FlexBox?! - A free 20 video course to learn CSS Flexbox
Flexbox For Interfaces All The Way: Tracks Case Study – Smashing Magazine
A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks
Flexbox’s Best-Kept Secret — Medium
display: flexTest CSS Flexbox Rules Live
Flexbox Grid Finesse — Medium
Flexbox Patterns
The vertical-align Property
`flex-grow` is weird. Or is it? | CSS-Tricks
Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS
The first commented line is your dabblet’s title ✿ dabblet.cominteractive CSS playground and code sharing tool. Dabblet saves to Github gists
Flexbox Playground
A Pure-CSS Menu Supporting Unlimited Levels of Both Horizontal and Vertical Menus - CodeProject
Dev & StatisticsFlex Box Editor
Flexbox Patterns
The Flexbox Reading List: Techniques And Tools – Smashing Magazine
CSS Flexbox Is Entirely Logical (Almost) / Paul Robert Lloyd
Data Structures
Implementing Custom Data Bindable Classes: CollectionBase | O'Reilly Media
.. CoDe Maverick .. Transpose DataGrid or GridView by transposing DataTable
c# - Getting value from a DataSet into a variable - Stack Overflow
How to get month in datetime field database - Dev Shed
C# - Compare 2 Dates And If More Than 7 Days Delete File.
Custom Date and Time Format Strings
C# DateTime Format
String Format for DateTime [C#]
DictionaryEntry Structure (System.Collections)
For each statement for Hashtable (C#) Hashtable « Collections « ASP.Net
How to work with the HashTable collection in Visual C#
Working with HashTable in C# 2.0
ASP.NET ListBox move items up or down by Preetham Mukhatiramove items up and down in a list
How to bind an arrayList of structures to a Windows Form by using Visual C#
retrieving struct object values from an arraylist C# Friends
Understanding Structures in C#
List vs IEnumerable vs IQueryable vs ICollection vs IDictionary - CodeProject
Top 7 algorithms and DS every programmer should know
16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing [Design Practice]
Research: First Steps for Designers [Design Practice]
Axure - Become an Expert
FlairBuilder: Wireframing and Prototyping Web Sites
Web Design Industry Jargon: Glossary and Resources | How-To | Smashing Magazine
10 Browser Testing Tools: Roundup for Web Designers | Bryan Connor
20 Free Useful Tools for Designers and Developers | Presidia Creative
40+ Essential Front End Web Developer Cheat Sheets | tripwire magazineclient side markup and development (html, xhtml, css, javascript, jQuery etc.) and server side development required for Front End Development (php,, …)
Design Your Own Icons – 25 Tutorials and Articles Designers MUST Have | tripwire magazine
CSS-TricksA Web Design Community curated by Chris Coyier
Make Swatches From Photos In Photoshop
Colorize Black and White Photos
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF) - Smashing Magazine
50 Useful Tools and Resources For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine
10 Free Online Books for Web Designers | Freebies
25+ High Quality Free Resources For Designers | ZoomZum
The Known Colors Palette Tool - Revised - CodeProjectCode to build a color matching program
Mastering Photoshop: Noise, Textures, Gradients and Rounded Rectangles - Smashing Magazine
Creating a Color Palette » Color, HTML & CSS » Design Festival
24 ways: Front-end Style GuidesBranding style guide documentation: white space around a logo, typefaces, colors usage
20 Stunning Photoshop Tutorials Every Designer Needs » Photoshop, Resources » Design Festival
Color Thiefscript for grabbing the dominant color or color palette from an image: uses HTML5 & canvas
Responsive Web Design: 50 Examples and Best Practices - DesignModo
Web Design Blog - Webdesigner Depot
25+ Fresh jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials - DesignModo
How to create an image hover-preview effect using jQuery | TechRepublic
Texture Maker, Free Background Generator - GRSites
Mastering Complex Selections in Photoshop - DesignFestival » For Web Design Trends | Inspiration | Design Theory | Colors | Web Fonts | UX | Photoshop | Tutorials and more
Take Your Typography To the Next Level With the Glyph Palette - DesignFestival » For Web Design Trends | Inspiration | Design Theory | Colors | Web Fonts | UX | Photoshop | Tutorials and more
Video Tutorial: Photo Retouching And Color Grading, Part 2 - DesignFestival » For Web Design Trends | Inspiration | Design Theory | Colors | Web Fonts | UX | Photoshop | Tutorials and more
Build Creative Borders with Masking Techniques in Photoshop - DesignFestival
Easy color contrast ratios | Lea Verou
A List Apart: Articles: The Infinite Grid
How To Create A Favicon — Matt Mullenweg
Graphic Greatness: 100 Best Sites for Designers | Graphic Design Classes
12 Awesomely geeky things we’ve loved in Web design in 2012 - The Next Web
Research: First Steps for Designers [Design Practice]
10 Free Online Books for Web Designers | Freebies
Design Principles 101 | DesignFestival Color Theory 101 Typography 101 Grid-​​Based Layouts 101
HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles | HTML Dogweb designer’s resource for everything HTML CSS, and JavaScript
Using Flexbox: Mixing Old and New for the Best Browser Support | CSS-Tricksmost common use case: order-controlled grids
Making the Most of Photoshop Layers | Webdesigntuts+
Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design | Smashing Magazine
ByPeople: A huge free bundle for web professionals, 500mb of free files in one single download.All the menus you could ever need in one place
Essential tools for every web designer | Webdesigner Depot
Create Your Own Two-Minute Textures in Photoshop - DesignFestival
CSS and JavaScript tools to take your website to the next level | Web Builder Zone
20 underrated web design tools to check out today | Web design | Creative Bloq
Which Unicode characters can you depend on? | The Endeavour
Native Form Elementswhat every HTML5 form element looks like
Responsive web design tool review: Embed Responsively - TechRepublic
Responsive Design is Not About Screen Sizes Any More
What is Flat Design (and how do I do it)? - SitePoint
▶ O'Reilly Webcast: HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design - YouTube
Color Wizard - Color Scheme Generator - Colors on the Web
flatuicolorpicker : Best Flat Colors For UI Design
Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer
A Single Diva CSS drawing project by Lynn Fisher
The Ultimate Free Web Designer's Icon Set (750 icons, incl. PSD sources) | Smashing Magazine
Bootswatch: Free themes for Bootstrap
rrrepo - webdesign
The DNA of Responsive Web Design -Telerik Developer Network
Responsive Sidebar Out Of Nothing -
Backstretch — Responsive Web DesignjQuery plugin dynamically-resize background image
Name that Color - Chirag Mehta :
The pro's guide to responsive web design | RWD | Creative Bloq
Gerstnerizer | Graphics.comfree service lets you create patterns that can be exported in PNG or SVG format.
Google Offers 750 Free Design Icons | Dr Dobb's
SVG Icons - Ready to use SVG Icons for the web.
ColorableColor Combos - helps you choose fonts!
Building a Responsive Portfolio with UIkitportfolio building functionality
5 Responsive Design Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
HTML Color CodesHTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values
StylesheetsPage templates
Patterns — Responsive Web Design
NavNav - 90+ Responsive Navigation Bar Menu Tutorials, Examples, and Demos (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript)
Blend - Generate simple and beautiful CSS3 gradients.
Blueprint: Mobile-Friendly Multi-Level Menu
Full Screen Navigation Overlay | Tania Rascia
Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers
PalettabDiscover new fonts and colors
Type Genius
Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.
My favourite design articles 2015 — Medium
40+ Free Windows Apps For You Technology Bites
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Scott Hanselman's 2007 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques | How-To | Smashing Magazine the interop wiki!
The Ultimate Web Developer’s Christmas Wish List Developer's Toolbox Smashing Magazine
What is in your Web development toolbox
The site covers technical articles on Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WinForms and related technologies
Good C# resource
SitePoint Reference: HTML CSS Javascript
Programming Visual C++, C, C++, and Windows for Students and BeginnersMy teacher from Columbia's CTA programming course, Mario Giannini
Over 15 Top Open Source Tools for Web Developers
25 highly anticipated open-source releases coming this year
Hapax's Amplify makes it easy to extract meaning from text | Programming and Development | TechRepublic.comnatural language processing (NLP) Web service
Song '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall' programmed in different programming languages
8 Simple Free Photoshop Alternatives that are under 2 MB
VisiBone Browser BookCheat sheet - Browser Book - A complete collection of web design technologies:Colors, Fonts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
BlueShoes: PHP Cheat SheetI'm putting this PHP with the other cheet sheet above this.
More Than Five Top, Free Tools for Web DevelopersKompozer, Piwik, Quanta, OpenX, MediaCoder, MPEG StreamClip
45+ Excellent Code Snippet Resources and Repositories | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
30 Handy Cheat Sheets and Reference Guides for Web Professionals | Webdesigner Depot
Password Strength Test | How easily could a hacker crack your password?Test my password strength
The best free open source software for Windows
CodeProject: Font Survey: 42 of the Best Monospaced Programming Fonts. Free source code and programming help
test everything — 100+ tools in one!Enter a URL you want to test
MSDN: Microsoft Development, MSDN Subscriptions, Resources, and More
20 Tips to Improve Application Performance | Software Development in the Real World
Convert VB.NET to C# - A free code conversion tool - developer Fusion - ASP.NET, C# Programming, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java and Visual Basic Tutorials
11 Outstanding Online Resources for Web Developers
Web Work 101: 10 Apps You Can’t Do Without — Redux
ScriptJunkie Home
20+ Required Windows Apps: Web Designer’s Choice | Nettuts+
30+ Killer Web Development Screencasts to fine tune your skills
Useful JavaScript and jQuery Tools, Libraries, Plugins - Smashing MagazineHandy services and online utilities, recently released JavaScript libraries and jQuery plugins
Top 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Web Designers
Top 20 Highly Useful Google APIs For Developers And Designers | ZoomZum
Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Cards for Developers | DevCheatSheet.comGood list of cheat sheets
Useful Coding Tools and JavaScript Libraries For Web Developers - Smashing Magazine
25 Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools –
A Few of My Favorite HTML5 and CSS3 Online Tools - Dan Wahlin's WebLog
The Best of Paul Irish in 2011 | Nettuts+HTML5 Boilerplate; HTML5, CSS3, and Dom Performance; Chrome Dev Tools; Chrome Developer Tools: 12 Tricks to Develop Quicker; Quick Color Manipulation; Quick Color Manipulation;
Modern Web Development - Part 1Part 1: The Web Workshop: Client-Side Dev Training Part 2: Modern Web Development
programming textbooks | Rent or Buy |
DevProConnectionsBuild an HTML5/jQuery Application Part 1
The Web Platform: Browser technologies
Modernizr NewsProgressively enhancement: Feature detect HTML5 and CSS3 features with handy css and javascript hooks
50+ JavaScript & HTML5 Frameworks and Related Tools : Remote Synthesis
The Web Platform: Browser technologiesComprehensive list
When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
HTML5 & CSS3 Tools and Tutorials
Google I/O 2012 - Better Web App Development Through Tooling - YouTube
Useful Tools, Scripts, and Resources for Front-End Developers
The Web Developer Toolbox: Modernizr ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
WhatKey? keydown eventkeycode for JavaScript keyboard events - key events: keydown , keypress and keyup
Modernizr 2.6.2 released
60+ Free programming books for C, C++, C# | IT Discover
Initializr: With Great Templates Comes Great Responsivity! | @verekia's blogResponsive template on Initializr
The top 50 books for web designers and developers | Feature | .net magazine
Teaching Your Application to Read - Diary Of A NinjaOCR with ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK
Webdesigntuts+best tutorials and articles from across the whole Tuts+ network
Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013 | Smashing Magazine
Scrolling Performance - HTML5 Rocks
Viewport WidthWhat size is your viewport width?
An Introduction to Source Maps | Nettuts+unminify source code
45 Beautiful jQuery Menu Plugins and Tutorialsmore...
Front-end performance for web designers and front-end developers – CSS Wizardry – CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, performance and more, by Harry Roberts
How to Write Code That Embraces Change | Nettuts+
Conditionizr: the conditional free legacy, retina, script and style loaderjavascript utility that detects browser vendor - touch features and retina displays
Using Web Debugging Proxies | Nettuts+
Joocode BlogJoomla
DailyJS: Meet the New Stack, Same as the Old Stackstarting a client-side web application
Web Performance 101: An opinionated guide to the 22 links every developer should read
Upfront Podcastlatest tooling, workflow and best practices for front-end developers
Favicon: A Changing Role
Character Entity Reference Chart∞ and everything else
codylindley/simple-frontend-boilerplate · GitHubA starting point to develop websites or web applications without forcing a specific MV* framework or modular loader
Tips for smooth scrolling web pages (EdgeConf follow-up) |
Upfront Podcastlatest tooling, workflow and best practices for front-end developers
textsnip - Keep your text & code formatting safe from IM and Emailtext sharing
Streamline your Process with Volo | Nettuts+if something is on GitHub, you can use it in your project
Windows Apps for Web Developers | Nettuts+Web Essential Extension for VS2012, Sublime Text 2, Browser-Based Dev Tools
Browserhackslist of browser specific CSS and JavaScript hacks
Bootstrapfront-end framework
Building A Better Responsive Website | Smashing MobileResponsive Navigation code examples
Understanding Responsive Web Design | BuildMobileBuildMobile5 part article
Getting Into Ember.js | Nettuts+data-binding, event routing and state management
8 Great Tools in the Developer's Toolbox: Where does he get those wonderful toys?
<select> events tablesequence of events triggered for selecting an option using the mouse and touch
Package Managers: An Introductory Guide For The Uninitiated Front-End Developer - Tech.Pro
Grunt: A build tool for front-end projects | Frederic Hemberger - Web-Entwickler und Berater aus Köln
Tuts+ Premium Course: Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2
Setting up Sublime Text 2 | Mostly harmless by Alex MacCaw
Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap. |
How to customize Twitter Bootstrap to fit your web design - CodeProject
Upgrading to Sublime Text 3 | Harry Wolff
How to keep up to date on Front-End Technologies - The RecipeLists: people, sources, conferences, more sources
LinkedLists.netThe most popular links posted by developers to Stack Overflow
Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools - Secrets
Talking Responsive Web Design with Russ WeakleyMore here
Common Techniques in Responsive Web Design - SitePoint
Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website from Scratch: Getting Mobile - SitePoint
The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Beginners Resource List » Target Local
13 Time-Saving Tools for Web Designers - DesignFestival
DevDocsDevDocs is an all-in-one API documentation reader for developers
DevTools Snippetssnippets to use inside of browser devtools
Resources to Get You Up to Speed in Ember.js | Nettuts+
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Scott Hanselman's 2007 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
HTML5 & CSS3 Tools and Tutorialsgenerate code with sliders view realtime
Deep dive into Require.js - Tech.Pro
A List of Programming Screencast Series | Virtuous Code
Web Development Tools and Techniques Reference Library
Web Tools Weekly | A weekly newsletter for front-end developersGreat Javascript tips and dev tools
Twitter Bootstrap TutorialBuilding Responsive Websites Using Twitter BootStrap - SitePoint
Getting a Head Start with Front End Generators | Flippin' Awesome
Web Development Tools and Techniques Reference Library
Understanding Twitter Bootstrap 3 - SitePoint
Frontend First!
Powerful Workflow Tips, Tools And Tricks For Web Designers | Smashing Magazine
Your Web, documented · WebPlatform.orgAnyone can contribute
Type Scale - A Visual Calculator
.NET Fiddle
reSRC · List of Free Programming Books
Modern Web Observer Archive | appendToArchive of appendto newsletters
Grunt for People Who Think Things Like Grunt are Weird and Hard ◆ 24 ways
Standard Time To UNIX Timestamp Calculator
Tutorials - Web Apprentice
Visual Studio Magazine Home -- Visual Studio Magazine
tooling/book-of-modern-frontend-tooling · GitHub
Web Development Tutorials
Web Audio API
Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows - Scott Hanselman
16 Best Online Tools for Testing Code Snippets | DesignZum
Erskine Design – Maintainable responsive layouts
uKeeper - from link to full page
Shapecatcher: Draw the Unicode character you want!find the most similar unicode characters
What's My Browser Size?
Piranhas - Compare book prices
What Every Frontend Developer Should Know About Webpage Rendering — Frontend Babelperformance
CodyHouselibrary of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets
Smart Fixed Navigation | Cody - Free HTML/CSS/JS resources
BlockspringDo anything in a spreadsheet
Cheetyr – Cheatsheets for Designers & Developerscollection of cheatsheets
Versioning - SitePoint
Mozilla Brick
Piranhas - Compare book prices
RSS Reader for Software Developers
Online Domain Tools - Useful tools to make your life easier
12 Essential Responsive Design Tools
Resources for JavaScript and DOM Compatibility Tables
Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement
Auto-filling Forms with jQuery and the Web Storage API
An introduction to Gulp - CodeProject
44 Responsive Web Design Resources: The Ultimate List
Another 20 Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers
ripienaar/free-for-dev · GitHublist of software and other offerings that have free tiers for developers
OneLook Dictionary Searchlist of words and phrases related to a concept
The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New — Life Learning — Medium
Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime | Building Apps for Windows
20 More Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers
Material Design Color Palette Generator - Material Palette
NARKOZ/guides · GitHublink repository of coding style guides and development practices
Responsive web design basics | Web Fundamentals - Google Developers
Web Fundamentals | Web Fundamentals - Google Developers
Use Legible Font Sizes | PageSpeed Insights | Google Developers
Why We Need WebAssembly: An Interview with Brendan Eich — JavaScript Scene — Medium
A Lightweight, Customizable CSS Lightbox Gallery Plugin | Web Resources | WebAppers
URL Meta - Access meta info of any URL title, description and some other tags.
ItemSlide.js - JavaScript touch carousel
wallop – not just a slider
Introduction | Front-end Handbook
20+ Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers (No. 6) Write a Letter to the Future
CodeProject: FTab (Floating Tabs). Free source code and programming help
Html Agility Pack - Home
walkthrough Accessing the DHTML DOM from C#
Dot Net Nuke
"Less Is More" Skin by OSO & Dynamic247 v1Dot Net Nuke Skin
ceTe Software - Forums
ceTe Software Help Library for .NET - January 2007
Dynamic PDF for .NET - Examples of creating and manipulating Pdf documents
Eclipse-Tools Project - Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts
Android Development and EclipseHow to develop an Android application using Eclipse
Developer Notes: Using google's free SVN repository with Eclipse
Getting The Best Out Of Eclipse For Android Development - Smashing Coding
Excel with Stored Procedures - SQLServerCentral
Flash Drive
10 cool things you can do with a USB flash drive | 10 Things |
CodeProject: Font Survey: 42 of the Best Monospaced Programming Fonts. Free source code and programming help
Google Font API - Google Code
Creating a Logo using Custom Fonts
CodeProject: Elementary Math Game. Free source code and programming help
Math PracticeA math game I made for my 3rd grader to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
CodeProject: a math class that gives you more than just the answer. Free source code and programming help
C# & ASP.Net Dynamically adding Meta Tags An example of Auto-Refresh Page
HTML tag reference guide - META http-equiv refresh
Use standard redirects - don't break the back button! - Quality Web Tips
Web Worker Daily » Archive Is Your HTML Good Enough 7 Browser-Testing Services « Study HTML and Learn to Code [Newbie -> Pro] »
Frames in HTML documents
Adactio: Jeremy KeithHTML5 For Web Designers
28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know | Nettuts+
6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5
A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas » SitePoint
htmlUI « 5 Obscure Facts About HTML5 LocalStorage
Welcoming the HTML5 Dev Center! » SitePoint
Explaining and Predicting Outcomes of Large Classrooms Using Audience Response SystemsHTML 5 and CSS Curriculum: Six Complete Lessons, Windows Phone 7 App Development
Using HTML5 Video and Audio in Modern Browsers » SitePoint
HTML5 Security Cheatsheet
Top 10 Reasons to Use HTML5 Right Now | Codrops
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.
HTML5 Attribute Change Reference for Web Developers
25 Amazing HTML5 Tricks and How to Make Them
320 and upextension of HTML5 Boilerplate or responsible responsive design; starts with a tiny screen stylesheet that contains only reset, colour and typography styles. Media Queries load assets and layout styles progressively as needed
HTML5 in Action: Changing the Face of Web Forms with New Input Types - CodeProjectHTML5 defines thirteen new input types with native validation
Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript
A Gentle Introduction to Making HTML5 Canvas Interactive -
The output element | HTML5 Doctor
23 Useful Online HTML5 Tools - DesignModo
The developer’s guide to the HTML5 APIs | Feature | .net magazine
The contenteditable attribute | HTML5 Doctor
HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsiblyPolyfills, fallbacks or ready for use; Features lookup: HTML5, CSS3, etc.
HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills - GitHubGuide to HTML5 Fallbacks
Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat [Infographic] | Tech King
HTML5: Edition for Web AuthorsW3C
HTML5 Bookmarks - daily news articles and bookmarks
HTML5 Web Storage in Essence - CodeProject®
HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9
Why HTML5 will revolutionize web-applications -
Canvas Deep Dive Source is Releasedlearn what canvas is, how it works, and the basic functions for drawing shapes, charts, animation, pixel manipulation, WebGL with ThreeJS, WebAudio, and webcam API
HTML5 Boilerplate: The web's most popular front-end templateDownload version 4.0.0
HTML5 Web Storage - Cookies Are So 1994! | New Relic blog
7 HTML5 features that you may not know about Aaron Lumsden | Aaronlumsden.comAutofocus Attribute, Download Attribute, Link Prefetching, Hidden Element, Spellcheck, Datalist Element, Output Element
The truth about structuring an HTML5 page | Feature | .net magazine
5 More HTML5 APIs You Didn’t Know Existed
The Web Designer's 10 Favorite HTML5 Elements and Attributes - DesignFestival
What No One Told You About Z-Index — Philip Walton
Form Follows FunctionDemo HTML5 interactive experiences
The Importance Of HTML5 Sectioning Elements | Smashing Coding
Introducing the New HTML5 <main> Element - SitePoint
HTML5 Quick Start Web Application - CodeProject
The progress element | HTML5 Doctor
HTML's New Template Tag: standardizing client-side templating - HTML5 Rocks
Book excerpt: The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket | Adobe Developer Connection
In defense of <canvas> |
5 HTML5 Features you need to know — Adnane Belmadiaf's Blog
Real-World Off-Line Data Storage | Nettuts+
kelly norton: innerText vs. textContent
An Introduction to HTML5 Boilerplate - SitePoint
25 Useful HTML5 Tools For Designers & Developers | Resources | Graphic Design Junction
Using the HTML5 section element | The Paciello Group BlogThe Paciello Group Blog
How to Use HTML5 Data Attributes - SitePoint
10 HTML Tags You Might Not Be Using
Beginner's Guide to HTML5 & CSS3 - Part 1 of 12 - CodeProject Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Beginner's Guide to HTML5 CSS3 - Building the Basics - CodeProject
How to Create a Hierarchical Menu Using HTML And CSS - CodeProject
7 Web Frameworks for HTML5 Developers | CodeCondo
A Detailed Introduction To Custom Elements | Smashing Magazine
HTML5 Forms: The Markup
Special Characters in HTML
Everything You Need to Know About HTML's 'pre' Element
High Performance Map Interactions using HTML5 Canvas - ChairNerd
20 HTML Elements for Better Text Semantics
HTML Cleaner - Word to HTML Converter
How to Convert Accented Characters to HTML Codes - CodeProject
How to Use The HTML5 Sectioning Elements - Treehouse Blog
Responsive Data Tables: A Comprehensive List of Solutions
HTML 5 Cheat Sheet - Including Free PDF DownloadMake A Website Hub
HTML 5 Cheat Sheet [Free PDF Download] – OnBlastBlog
HTML Cheat Sheet - Fully Interactive [Inc HTML5]
HTTP Headers for Dummies - Nettuts+
HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 1 | Nettuts+
A Beginner's Guide to HTTP Cache Headers | Mobify Where did all the HTTP referrers go?
The only Internet Explorer 7 add-on you'll ever need | News Blog - CNET News
Upgrading to IE8 breaks debugging with Visual Studio 2005 | David’s Technical Musings
15 Seconds : A Quick Look at Internet Explorer 8 RC1
What web developers need to know about IE8 | News | TechRadar UK
Internet Explorer 8: Accelerator Gallery
Designing with Pseudo Elements in IE10 | Jonathan Sampson
IE11: Browser Modes Return - SitePoint
Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Download details: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar
Home | Testing made easier in Internet Explorer | modern.IE
A Peek at Internet Explorer’s Developer Tools | Nettuts+
Thirty Free Image Resources on the Web - Where to Find Free Images
Open Source Image Editors … for Designers?
Jonathan T. Neal | Understand the Favicon
Jesse Chapo - Developers Guide to Images
Jeffrey's Exif viewer
5 Free Web-Based Photoshop Alternatives
OcticonsA scalable icon font handcrafted with <3 by GitHub
Showdown! 5 Online Image Compression Tools Compared
Internet Archive posts millions of historic images to Flickr | Ars Technica
The 7 Best Search Engines for Finding Free Images
Color Filters Can Turn Your Gray Skies Blue | CSS-Tricks
6 Handy, Free favicon and Icon Editors
5 Impressive Photography Styles and How to Nail Them
sindresorhus/pageres · GitHubCapture website screenshots
Lazy Loading Images on the Web | Telerik Developer Network
Clippy — CSS clip-path maker
The Java™ Tutorials
java source code warehouse - free java source code, examples, software, java applets
Java SE Development Kit 6u26Download this to do any Android work
Translating mathematics into code: Examples in Java, Python, Haskell and Racket
equals( ) Versus == in Java(Android) - CodeProject
Main Page - jQuery JavaScript Library
Events/jQuery.Event - jQuery JavaScript Library
jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
Make a Mega Drop-Down Menu with jQuery
JQuery Tutorial - Dynamic Sliding Panels | Switch on the Code
Visual Web Developer Team Blog : JScript IntelliSense FAQ
15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch - Nettuts+ » jQuery plugin: Validation
Eliminating Postbacks: Setting Up jQuery On ASP.NET Web Forms and Managing Data On The Client | Web Builder Zone
jQuery HowTo's | jQuery HowTo'sjQuery HowTo's provides supplemental documentation to the official jQuery documentation.
CodeProject: jQuery Collapsible Panel. Free source code and programming help
jQuery Books Review - Rick Strahl's Web Log
jQuery Bookscode for: Learning jQuery 1.3 & jQuery Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Popular JavaScript Library
CodeProject: Write jQuery plugin WebControl for ASP.NET just in few miniutes!. Free source code and programming help
jQuery Alert Dialogs (Alert, Confirm, & Prompt Replacements)
What is this? » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
How to find page elements | jQuery HowTo's
Nabble - jQuery General Discussion - Hide or show div depending on the value of radio button
Five jQuery Galleries And Slideshows
Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview Using jQuery | Css Globe
HOWTO: Tell if a checkbox is checked |
ASP.Net CheckBox and JQuery | Elegant Code
jCarousel - Riding carousels with jQuery
CodeProject: Getting friendly with jQuery (A beginners guide + added ajax usecase). Free source code and programming help
jCarousel - Riding carousels with jQueryList can be scrolled back and forth
Custom jQuery Selector for ASP.NET WebForms « John Sheehan : BlogSelect using jQuery’s Attribute Selectors
11 keystrokes that made my jQuery selector run 10x faster | EncosiaTesting jQuery’s Attribute Selectors
jQuery Selectors - .Net 360°first use FireFinder to write the selector then match your selector with the one that is generated by SelectorGadget
jQuery UI - Documentation: UI/Theming
Sorting Values with JavaScript - Nettuts jQuery plugin for sort
CodeProject: Getting friendly with jQuery (A beginners guide + added ajax usecase). Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: jQuery (jTemplates) Grid. Free source code and programming help
Custom Events, and the Special Events API in jQuery - Nettuts+
JavaScript from Null: Chapter 2 - Nettuts+Screencast
jQuery 1.4 Released: The 15 New Features you Must Know | Nettuts+
5 Ways to Make Ajax Calls with jQuery | Nettuts+
» jQuery Tutorial: DOM Manipulation and sorting :: CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained
A Working Example of Five Different Ways to Make jQuery AJAX Calls - CodeProject
40 Useful jQuery Techniques and Plugins - Smashing Magazine
In the Woods – 7 Things I Wish I Had Known About jQuery
JS Libs DeconstructedDeconstruct the internal code of JavaScript libraries, including jQuery, Prototype and MooTools.
50 Useful JavaScript and jQuery Techniques and Plugins - Noupe Design Blog
ASP.NET and jQuery to the max - CodeProject
Javascript Libraries and ASP.NET: A Guide to jQuery, AJAX and Microsoft - Articles - MIX Online
jQuery FundamentalsFree book on jQuery with 11 chapters
How Good C# Habits can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits: Part 1 | Enterprise jQuery
jQuery Deconstructed
jQuery source viewer
Mike Gleason jr's Blog: Beginning with jQuery - A Solid Foundation to Learn The Basics
Client-side paging with jQuery - CodeProject
How to Round Corners Compatible with All Browsers (Intenet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) easily - CodeProject
Use jQuery.extend() and Ajax to "construct" your JavaScript Objects from Server Objects - CodeProject
JQuery for Beginners - CodeProjectAnimation Effects
jeresig/jquery.hotkeys - GitHubhotkeys
jQuery Air - First FlightLearn jQuery directly in the browser
30 Minutes To Grasp ASP. NET jQuery Repeater - CodeProject
Traffic CopWraps wraps the standard jQuery $.ajax() call with a custom $.trafficCop() function to prevent unnecessary round trips to the server
The 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011
24 ways: Your jQuery: Now With 67% Less Suck
22 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of 2011
Using jQuery’s .pushStack() for reusable DOM traversing methods » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
jQuery RSS/ATOM Feed Plugin FeedEk | RSS/ATOM Parser jQuery Plugin FeedEk
Making a jQuery Countdown Timer | Tutorialzine
Custom Events are Pretty Cool | CSS-TricksjQuery plugin: callbacks vs Custom Events
Kendo Blog Posts > What You May Not Know About .slice() .stop() .prevAll() .end()
jmpress.js | a jQuery plugin to build a website on the infinite canvas
35 Highly Advanced Yet Simple To Use jQuery Plugins | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
jQuery Tip #1 – Defining a Context When Using Selectors - Dan Wahlin's WebLog
Stop paying your jQuery tax
The Basics of jQuery ↩ Andrée
jQuery Tip #5: Using jQuery’s end() Function to Work with Sets - Dan Wahlin's WebLog
jQuery snippet to detect keystrokes on the numeric key-pad - CodeProject®
38 Useful and Effective jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design | Design Inspiration
Fixing These jQuery | adam j. sontagA guide to debugging
Videos from jQuery UK 2012 | Lanyrd
50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers - Smashing Coding | Smashing Coding
Tuts+ Premium Course: 30 Days to Learn jQueryVery good tutorial by Jeffrey Way - worth doing
6 New jQuery Techniques to Spice Up Your Design Content | DevSnippets
How jQuery works - CodeProject
writings/published/ at master · kjbekkelund/writings · GitHubStep by step from jQuery to Backbone
How to Create Custom Events in jQuery - SitePoint
Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs - Elijah Manor - jQuery Conference San Francisco 2012
The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository. Supercharge your website! A handpicked collection of jQuery plugins.
BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin | Codrops
Web Dev .NET: Don't Initialize All the Things in jQuery.ready()
55 Unique jQuery Techniques and Tutorials « Designsmag | Designs Mag | Designs Magazine | Design Blog
Nettuts+ Updates - 14 Reasons Why Nobody Used Your jQuery Plugin
Wealthfront Engineering: jQuery.Deferred is the most important client-side tool you have
Web Dev .NET: The Magic of the jQuery 1.9 Source MapSee: What are Source Maps?
Script Junkie | A Deeper Dive into jQuery Mobile
jQuery Blog » Announcing the jQuery Plugin Registry
jQuery Plugin Registry
What's New in jQuery 1.9 - SitePoint
The Importance of Caching jQuery Selections - Bocoup
Event Delegation with jQuery
Why We Develop jQuery Plugins
More Efficient Event Handlers - Bocoup
John Resig - JavaScript ProgrammerFather of Jquery
jQuery Learning Center
Code School - Try jQuery
Super useful jQuery plugins for responsive web design |
jQuery Custom Events
Learning jQuery using jQuery Lab - CodeProject
Automatic Table of Contents | CSS-Tricks
Native equivalents of jQuery functions
Uncovering the Native DOM API | Flippin' Awesome
Getting Over jQuery - Pony Foo
jQuery BoilerplateJump-starting jQuery plugins development
Video: Working with the jQuery data() Function - Dan Wahlin
The Badass List of Essential jQuery Plugins
Differences Among Bind(), Live(), Delegate(), Trigger() in jQuery - CodeProject
jQuery UI Demystified: Part 1 - CodeProject
jQuery – How to Select Nodes by Attribute Value? - CodeProject
The $ object demystified — Medium
10+ Handy and Reusable jQuery Code Snippets | Javalobby
jQuery Coding Standards and Best Practices
slick - the last carousel you'll ever need
Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins
How To Convert Date Time to “X minutes ago” in jQuery - CodeProject
Prefill Your Own Forms in Dev | CSS-Tricks
The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction | Smashing Magazine
18 Surprises From Reading jQuery's Source Code - Quick Left Boulder Colorado
5 Little Known Details About jQuery Methods
An Introduction to jQuery's Shorthand Ajax Methods
How to Use jQuery's $.ajax() Function
Swipebox | A touchable jQuery lightboxWorks well on desktop and mobile
jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0 Alpha Versions Released | Official jQuery Blog
jQuery UI Events Cheatsheet |
AllThingsSmitty/jquery-tips-everyone-should-know · GitHub
.NET Samples How To Assign a Server Side Variable to JavaScript , dotnet samples
[thelist] Javascript if...or statement
Check one, check all Javascript
Code library aims to fuel easier JavaScript handling IDGNS News October 04, 2007 By Jeremy
codeproject Exploring OOPS - JavaScript Style Part 1 - Encapsulation. Free source code and programming help
Digital Web Magazine - Seven JavaScript Techniques You Should Be Using Today
How do you limit number of rows in a textbox - ASP.NET Forums
JavaScript Code, Tips Form Textarea Field Controls
JavaScript Code, Tips, and Tutorials
JavaScript Tips for ASP.NET Developers - Part 1 - The Code Project - JavaScript
So You Want To Open A Window, Huh
VCL Components - Download Unobtrusive Javascript Date-picker for tasks by Brian McAllisteraaaa
Web Development Tools Reference Library
.NET - Access JavaScript variables on PostBack using ASP.NET Code
Cast string as int in Javascript Client Side Scripting
Client Side Scripting search:
A Server Timer using ASP.Net Client side callback
How JavaScript Timers Work
Calling javascript from C#--help please, ASP Net
50 Useful JavaScript Tools | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
How to assign a value to hidden field using javascript in - technical discussion - developer Fusion - ASP.NET, C# Programming, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java and Visual Basic Tutorials
24 JavaScript Best Practices for Beginners - Nettuts+
James Gregory - How-to use ClientIDs in JavaScript without the ugliness
How to Remove Spaces From a Text Field
The Javascript Tooltip
CodeProject: Debugging Client-Side JavaScript Using Firebug's Console. Free source code and programming help
JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Part 1 [JavaScript & Ajax Tutorials]
JavaScript from Null: Chapter 5 - Events | Nettuts+
Crockford on JavaScript: The Complete Series | Nettuts+
Seven JavaScript Things I Wish I Knew Much Earlier In My Career
A re-introduction to JavaScript - MDC
This Var is My Var - Closure Tools BlogJavaScript tool called The Closure Compiler
Tips about using JavaScript in Asp.Net - CodeProject
Three Routes to Spaghetti-Free Javascript « I am Zefproblems of moving from synchronous to asynchronous programming
In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example - Encosia
JavaScript for C# developers: callbacks (part I) : Algorithms for the masses - julian m bucknallWhen you pass a function into another where it will be called, it’s generally known as a callback.
A Collection of JavaScript Gotchas - CodeProject
Monitis BlogTips to improved Javascript performance
A List Apart: Articles: Modern Debugging Tips and Trickserror thowing and handling, code injection, and mobile debugging
Simple 15 second countdown timer, tripping a functionUsed this in a popup to display a countdown
JavaScript - Foundation of the Language - CodeProject
Keyboard and Mouse buttons eventsUnicode character code value of the primary keyboard keys
Understanding “Prototypes” in JavaScript « Katz Got Your Tongue?
JavaScript Jargon - CodeProject
JavaScript Module Pattern - CodeProjectModule Pattern - one anonymous function that returns a set of privileged methods in a simple object literal format
Pitfalls of the newbie JavaScripter | Joh Man X in actionGlobal variables, Immediately self-invoking anonymous functions, Function scope, this keyword, Hoisting, Programming style, Prototyping, Chaining
A re-introduction to JavaScript - MDN
Learn jQuery & JAVASCRIPT for free | appendTo Developer Learning Center
Learn to code | Codecademy
tcorral/Design-Patterns-in-Javascript - GitHubBased in examples on Head First Design Patterns
A Quick Look Into The Math Of Animations With JavaScript - Smashing Coding
Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: You Don't Know JavaScript
Exploring JavaScript’s Logical OR Operator
Basic Patterns for Everyday Programming | LakTEK
7 Common Javascript Mistakes or Confusions
Efficient JavaScript - Dev.Opera
rwldrn/idiomatic.js - GitHubLinks and Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript
KeyboardJS DemoLibrary for binding to keys or key combos
JS Libs DeconstructedDeconstruct the internal code of JavaScript libraries, jQuery, Prototype and MooTools.
Getting Started With RequireJSRequireJS is an implementation of the Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) specification which defines a mechanism for loading modules asynchronously along with a declaration of dependencies by each module.
SOLID JavaScript: The Single Responsibility PrincipleSOLID is a mnemonic acronym referring to a collection of design principles which evolved out of the objected-oriented community popularized by the writings of Robert C. Martin.
The rise and rise of JavaScript «
CreativeJS | The very best of creative JavaScript and HTML5
The Javascript Guide to Objects, Functions, Closures and Scope : Hangar, Runway 7
DIV Popups from JavascriptToolbox.comOOP implementation
2011: A Badass JavaScript Year In Review - Badass JavaScript
syze: Think @media queries powered by Javascript
Understanding JavaScript OOP — Sorella's Basement
javascript eval considered crazy -- wingolog
JavaScript Design Patterns: Decorator | Joe Zim's JS Blog
2012/01/ at master from raganwald/homoiconic - GitHub
JavaScript pattern and antipattern collection
Device and Viewport Size In JavaScriptHow to get the viewport size
From jQuery to JavaScript: A Reference | Nettuts+
A re-introduction to JavaScript - MDN
Slicing arguments ·
JavaScript: Warts and workarounds
Javascript, node.js and for loops « Mixu's tech blog
Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners
Learn from Haskell - Functional, Reusable JavaScript
Valid JavaScript variable names · Mathias Bynens
Major and minor JavaScript pitfalls and ECMAScript 6
JavaScript object creation: Learning to live without "new" | Adobe Developer Connection
3 Quick JavaScript Tips for .NET Developers - John Papa
Object-orientation and inheritance in JavaScript: a comprehensive explanation » The Log Book of Manuel Kiessling
Extending JavaScript – The Right Way | Websanova
What is the meaning of this? » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)
jQuery: How to get objects by ID, Class, Tag, and Attribute | TechRepublic
blog @johnkpaul - Javascript - only three “bad” parts
Dublin Tech: JavaScript language a- z cheat sheet
What you should know about if you are new to Javascript - CodeProject®
Code Avengers, learn JavascriptLearn JavaScript the fun way...
JavaScript Style Guides And Beautifiers
Using web workers - MDNDedicated Web Workers provide a simple means for web content to run scripts in background threads.
Nettuts+ Updates - Key Principles of Maintainable JavaScript
10 things you didn't know JavaScript could do | Feature | .net magazine
Mousetrap - Keyboard shortcuts in JavascriptA simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.
Preparing Yourself for Modern JavaScript Development | CodeThinked
13 JavaScript Performance Tips » Jon Fox
Closures in JavaScript - CodeProject
Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle | Smashing Codingorganize code using variations of a pattern known as MVC (Model-View-Controller)
Understanding Design Patterns in JavaScript | Nettuts+
Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012) - Steve Sanderson’s blog - As seen on YouTube™
Javascript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9
JavaScript Events And Responding To The User | Smashing Coding
Javascript Scope Quiz
Essential JavaScript: the top five script loaders | Feature | .net magazinehow JavaScript script loaders work
OmniTI ~ Seeds ~ Summer ~ 2012ways to make your Javascript faster and easier to maintain
JavaScript Tricks You May Not Know | LearnComputer
30 top examples of JavaScript | Creative Bloq
JSbooks - free javascript books
Three JavaScript snippets for your web design toolkit | TechRepublic
Pure JavaScript on VimeoVideo: embracing functions as the primary unit of abstraction
Expressions versus statements in JavaScript
DOM Enlightenment - Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOMBy Cody Lindley DOM scripting without the use of a library/framework
Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins For Web Developers | Smashing Coding Part 1: Web Forms, Typography, Time-Savers and Images. Part 2: Text, Tables, Lists and Useful Development Tools
string.jsJavaScript library for the browser or for Node.js that provides extra String methods
Essential JavaScript: the top five testing libraries | Feature | .net magazine
scriptcasts.netBeginning javascript programming and javascript libraries
Object properties in JavaScript
Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript | Smashing Coding
Javascript: The Real Bad Parts
Nettuts+ Updates - What They Didn’t Tell You About ES5′s Array Extras
Trimming Strings in JavaScript
Computer science in JavaScript: Quicksort | NCZOnline
Learn JavaScript concepts with recent DevTools features — Gist"function scope" and "internal properties"
Arrays in JavaScript
Prototypes in JavaScript
Parsing an ISO datestamp
Back to Basics: JavaScript Object Syntax
Using Web Storage
Voice Driven Web Apps: Introduction to the Web Speech API - HTML5Rocks Updates
Using voice to drive the web: Web Speech API | Adobe Developer Connection
What’s so great about JavaScript Promises? | Parse Blog
What size is my viewport? – Tyson MatanichUsing JavaScript to get the actual viewport width
Basic Canvas Animation Using JavaScript
Deferreds and Promises in JavaScriptasync management, events, examples in jQuery, ember and when,
Back to Basics: JavaScript Hoisting
An Overview of the JavaScript History API
Event Based Programming: What Async Has Over Sync | Nettuts+
Javascript 2D Canvas Libraries - Google DocsList of Javascript 2D Canvas Libraries
35 top examples of JavaScript | JavaScript | Creative BloqInnovative uses of javascript examples
②ality – JavaScript and moreWhere are JavaScript and the web going?
Getting Into Context Binds
Client-side Messaging EssentialsKnow When to Use Mediator or Observer
What is hoisting, really? - blog by @johnkpaul
Fluent JavaScript – Three Different Kinds of Prototypal OO | Eric Elliott - JavaScript Architect (A JavaScript Blog)delegate prototypes, runtime object extension, and closures allow you to express three distinct types of prototypes in JavaScript
Understanding Design Patterns in JavaScript | Nettuts+
Using Web Workers to Speed-Up Your JavaScript Applicationshow to build multi-thread JavaScript applications using Web Workers
Two ways to set a conditional breakpoint in JavaScript
Functions Explained - Mark Daggett's Blog
Speaking With the Ember.js Core Team | Nettuts+framework for building scalable and maintainable apps
Up and Running with Modernizr | Adobe Developer Connectionfeature-detection JavaScript library
JavaScript and Friends: CoffeeScript, Dart and TypeScript | Something SomewhereJavaScript and Friends: CoffeeScript, Dart and TypeScript
A plain english guide to JavaScript prototypes - Sebastian's Blog
Secrets of Awesome JavaScript API Design - Web Standards Sherpa
The Beginner's Guide to JavaScript Date and Time
JavaScript Asynchronous Architectures: Events vs. Promises | Joe Zim's JavaScript Blog
A Subtle Difference Between Window Properties and Global Variables
Using Google's Closure to Compile and Verify your JavaScriptmerge, remove dead code, minimize, verify syntax, variable references and type
Strategy Design Pattern in Javascript - Trifling Whims
JavaScript Questions - CodeProjectClosure, Hoisting
A JavaScript refresh |
Superhero.jsCreating, testing and maintaining JavaScript links
What's The Point Of Promises?
Michal Budzynski: JavaScript: The less known parts. Bitwise Operators.
Back Alley Coder — Cross-Browser, Event-based, Element Resize Detection
Web Dev .NET: Angry Birds of JavaScript Seriesprivacy, events and messages, dynamic scripts, architecture, coding style, data, templates, design pattern, toolss
Avoiding the "this" problem in JavaScript - Tech.Pro
Introduction to Fabric.jsJavaScript library works with the HTML5 canvas element: provides object model for canvas, and SVG parser Part II: Introduction to Fabric.js: the Fun Stuff
Encapsulate What Varies | appendTo
12 JavaScript quirks
The Tapir's Tale: Javascript Conditionals
Understanding JavaScript Inheritance - Alex Sexton
Inline scripts: sometimes the web is just screwed up : Algorithms for the masses - julian m bucknall
JavaScript quirk 2: two “non-values” – undefined and null
JavaScript Best Practices - CodeProject
A comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember - Sebastian's Blogpick a framework
Deep dive into Require.js - Tech.Pro
JavaScript quirk 6: the scope of variables
HelloJS | collection of examples for javascript libraries
Cargo-Culting in JavaScript | Nettuts+
The Design of Code: Organizing JavaScript · An A List Apart Article
Implementing Multidimensional Arrays in JavaScript | 0 FPS
Writing Testable JavaScript · An A List Apart Article
6 Examples of Hard to Test JavaScript | the pluralsight blog
Deep dive into the murky waters of script loading - HTML5 Rocks
Reserved keywords in JavaScript · Mathias Bynens
Function functionsfunctions can be assigned to a variable and passed around
Uncovering the Native DOM API - Pony FooXMLHttpRequest, Event Listeners, Event Delegation, Querying the DOM, DOM Manipulation, Shadow DOM
Native JavaScript Equivalents of jQuery Methods: the DOM and Forms - SitePoint
Using JavaScript's 'toString' Method
Basic JavaScript: an introduction to the languageGood introduction
Advanced Unit Testing Techniques in JavaScript | Nettuts+
eval() isn’t evil, just misunderstood | NCZOnline
Intro to Web Workers · Zapier
.NET Samples How To Assign a Server Side Variable to JavaScript , dotnet samples
Modular Javascript Using Require.Js - CodeProjectlibrary for dealing with interlinked JavaScript dependencies and module loading
11 Useful JavaScript Tools for Developers | Code Geekz
Five Patterns to Help You Tame Asynchronous JavaScript - Tech.Pro
AngularJS: an Overview - Glenn StovallAngularJS is like jQuery, but backwards
The Value of valueOf
Required JavaScript Reading | Nettuts+
JavascriptOO.comevery javascript project you should be looking into with examples, categories, install commands, CDN links, project and author stats
Module Pattern in Java Script in Depth - CodeProject
Object Playground: The Definitive Guide to Object-Oriented JavaScript
Check one, check all Javascriptscript to check all checkboxes
In defense of JavaScript’s constructors
Digital Web Magazine - Seven JavaScript Techniques You Should Be Using Today
jehna/VerbalExpressions · GitHubJavaScript Regular expressions made easy
7 JavaScript Basics Many Developers Aren't Using (Properly) - Tech.Pro
JavaScript Promises
Programming JavaScript ApplicationsBook by Eric Elliott
Improve Your JavaScript Coding with Data-Oriented Programming | JavaScript content from Dev Pro
Searching with Array.prototype.some
Modern JavaScript: Promises/A+ - understanding the spec through implementation
Thinkful | Javascript Best Practices Part 1
An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js
Protecting objects in JavaScript
Determining if a String Contains a Substring
Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript | Flippin' Awesome
An Introduction to IIFEs - Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
The tiny table sorter - or - you can write LINQ in JavaScript - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Variable and Function Hoisting in JavaScript
Nested Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript : Iterating
Contents -- Eloquent JavaScript
Modern JavaScript: Promise patterns
Node.js: A Jumpstart for Devs - NewCircle
Read JavaScript Allongé | Leanpub
Data in prototype properties
Searching using Array.prototype.reduce
JavaScript Fundamentals | Flippin' Awesome
The JavaScript console APIglobal object console with methods for logging and debugging
How to Create One-Time Events in JavaScript - SitePoint
The JavaScript Event Loop: Explained | The Carbon Emitter
The history of “typeof null”
Frequently Misunderstood JavaScript Concepts
21 JavaScript Parts I Struggle To Remember - Tech.Pro
Finding Array Elements with Array
An Introduction To DOM Events | Smashing Coding
6 secrets of JavaScript Jedis
Writing Better jQuery Code | Flippin' Awesome
Twitter Bootstrap 3 – JavaScript Components - SitePoint
Fun with JavaScript Native Array Functions | Flippin' Awesome
Tal Bereznitskey - Javascript Hacks for Hipsters
Archive: A Drip of JavaScriptList of good Javascript tips
Understanding JavaScript Object Creation Patterns - CodeProject
Demystifying this in JavaScript | Flippin' Awesome
Exploring the Abyss of Null and Undefined in JavaScript | Flippin' Awesome - Using "Read More"/"Read Less" on your pageExpand and Collapse Content
The Essentials of Writing High Quality JavaScript | Nettuts+
JavaScript Promises: There and back again - HTML5 Rocks
A Deeper Dive Into JavaScript Promises - SitePoint
An Overview of JavaScript Promises - SitePoint
JavaScript Tips for ASP.NET Developers - Part 1 - The Code Project - JavaScript
45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices | Flippin' Awesome
Closures in JavaScript |
Evaluating JavaScript code via eval() and new Function()
Callbacks, Promises, Signals and Events | Blog | Miller Medeiros
Tutorial: Context or the "This" Keyword in JavaScript - NewCircle
JS: The Right Way
Private instance members with weakmaps in JavaScript | NCZOnline
The new operator implemented in JavaScript
Online JavaScript Courses & Tutorials | LearnStreet
7 Things You Need To Know About Web Workers -
JavaScript Array: slice vs splice
getify/You-Dont-Know-JS · GitHub
So You Want To Open A Window, Huh
JavaScript Promises ... In Wicked Detail - Matt Greer
What are integers in JavaScript?
Don't Fear the Evil Twins - SitePoint
JavaScript String: substring, substr, slice
Promise Anti-patterns
Speaking JavaScriptO'Reilly book online by Alex Rauschmayer
Implementing Private and Protected Members in JavaScript — Philip Walton
Sorting A Un-Ordered List (UL) Using JavaScript - Go4Expert
Seven JavaScript Quirks I Wish I’d Known About | Telerik Developer Network
.NET - Access JavaScript variables on PostBack using ASP.NET Code
An Introduction to the MEAN StackMongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS Node.js
Write Better JavaScript with Promises
JavaScript’s “this”: how it works, where it can trip you up
PicturefillPicturefill is a JavaScript file (or a polyfill to be more specific) that enables support for the picture element
The Curious Case of JavaScript NaN
7 steps to better JavaScript | Web design | Creative Bloq
JavaScript For Loops 101 - CodeProject
Extraordinary Functions ~ Learning to Write Well Structured JavaScript
Responsive Javascript
Checking whether a value is an integer in JavaScript
function - Explain this JavaScript name clash - Stack Overflow
Introduction | Human JavaScript
Revealing the Magic of JavaScript
Resources for Staying on Top of JavaScript - Tuts+ Code ArticleBooks & Blogs
Key Principles of Maintainable JavaScript - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
JavaScript — The weird parts — Medium
Faster YouTube Embeds with JavaScript
What you should know about JavaScript regular expressions
Advanced objects in JavaScript
What you need to know about block scope - let - ES6 Rocks
5 Typical JavaScript Interview Exercises
5 Array Methods That You Should Be Using Now |
The Two Pillars of JavaScript — JavaScript Scene — Medium
Programming JavaScript Applications
Using Dispatch Tables to Avoid Conditionals in JavaScript - A Drip of JavaScript
Working with Phone Numbers in JavaScript
JavaScripture - The word on JavaScript
Demystifying JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting
PhotoSwipe: Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery
JavaScript Object - CodeProject
45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices - Modern Web
yahoo/gifshot · GitHubJavaScript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images
Strange JavaScript Errors and How to Fix Them
Demystifying JavaScript Closures, Callbacks and IIFEs
Embracing Promises in JavaScript
11 Things About JavaScript Functions that .NET Developers Should Know: Part 1 - Evangelism - Blog Part II
Three JavaScript Quirks That Java/C Developers Should Know
JavaScript: Easy Creation of "Countdown Timers" - CodeProject
A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS tutorial) - JavaScript | MDN
What's a Closure?
Using JavaScript to Create Geospatial and Advanced Maps
The Final Steps to Mastering JavaScript's "this" Keyword
coodict/javascript-in-one-pic · GitHub
Seven Surprising JavaScript 'Features'
JavaScript Summary - CodeProject
ericelliott/essential-javascript-links · GitHub
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling - React Kung Fu
Lodash: 10 Javascript Utility Functions That You Should Probably Stop Rewriting | Colin Toh
Compare JavaScript libraries by weight (file size) -
Essential Tools & Libraries for Modern JavaScript Developers
Video: Getting to Know Block Statements in JavaScript
Learning much javascript from one line of code - arqex - The Database of JavaScript Libraries
JS properties: enumerable, writable & configurable - arqex
5 More JavaScript Interview Exercises
JavaScript Best Practices Part 1 | Thinkful Programming Guides
ericelliott/essential-javascript-links · GitHub
Promises in JavaScript Unit Tests: the Definitive Guide
Pro JavaScript Concepts for Enterprise Developers | Telerik Developer Network
How do JavaScript closures work under the hood [Dmitry Frank]
DOM Tips and Techniques: Parent, Child, and Siblings
javascript-society/javascript-path: List of books to master JavaScript Development
How do Promises Work? - Quils in Space
Quick Tip: Stop Writing Loops and Start Thinking with Maps
Learn Node.js, ES6, jQuery, AngularJS and HTML5
JavaScript Modules: A Beginner’s Guide — Free Code Camp — Medium
Understanding basic JSON | .NET Zone
Small LINQ to JSON library - CodeProject
A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients - Smashing Coding | Smashing Coding
Using HTML5 data-* tags, Razor, and C# anonymous objects - CodeProjectstore JSON data corresponding with HTML elements on a page
What You Might Not Know About JSON.stringify()
Three Undocumented Features of JSON – Jayway
JSON-LD and the Strands of the Semantic Web - DZone Web Dev
Way to Lambda - CodeProject
Everything That You Need to Understand about Lambda Expressions - CodeProject
Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 Minutes (Continuation) - CodeProject
Swiss DPE Team Blog Using your own defined type in a LINQ query expression
LINQ for the Beginner - CodeProject
LINQ Group By with NULL database values - CodeProject
LINQ to Entities Projection - CodeProject
101 LINQ Samples
linq distinct – create a distinct collection using linq (c#) | Ady Levy
Introduction to LINQ » SitePointAnonymous, Closure, Currying, Hoisting, Type Coercion, Scope, Self-executing function, This, Prototype
LINQ Tutorail
The World According to LINQ - ACM Queue
Get the index of a given item using LINQ [quick-tip]
LINQPad helps you learn LINQ - CodeProject®
Swiss DPE Team Blog Using your own defined type in a LINQ query expression
A 'Between' extension method for LINQ in C#. - CodeProject®
Visual Expression Builder for Dynamic Linq - CodeProject®Filter data from any data source
Using LINQ Queries - CodeProject®
c# - LINQ query to detect duplicate properties in a list of objects - Stack Overflow
How does it work in C#? - Part 3 (C# LINQ in detail) - CodeProject
LINQ with multiple child objects - CodeProject
Introducing LINQ—Language Integrated Query - CodeProject
Yahoo! Maps Ajax Web Services
Mashups -- The evolution of the SOA, Part 1 Web 2.0 and foundational concepts
Access Tips: Parameter Queries
Microsoft Access: Business Intelligence on a Shoestring —
Query Tutorials
Microsoft Jet SQL Reference - Access - Microsoft Office
ConnectedShow PodcastPodcast series on Microsoft technology for the developer community hosted by Peter Laudati and Dmitry Lyalin also available on both Zune and iTunes marketplace. Search for "Connected Show"
JrzyShr Dev GuyPeter Laudati Blog
Architecture & StuffBill Zack - MSDN Suburban Roadshow on 06/16/2009
Channel 9
MSDN Code Gallery - Home
Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook - Outlook -
Windows 8
Remote Debugging your Windows Store app on your Surface
Introducing Windows Phone SDK 8.0 - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Troy Hunt: 102 simple steps for installing and configuring a new Windows 8 machine
Releasing Sample Browser for Windows 8 – Get Your "Hands" on Thousands of Amazing Code Samples - Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Navigate Win8 quickly with keyboard shortcuts
Help and Support
50 Vista customisation tips for beginners | News | TechRadar UK
100 keyboard shortcuts formoving faster in Windows 7
What to Use on the Microsoft StackMicrosoft Development Platform Technologies
A Useful Selection of Android Developer Tools and Resources
Android DevelopersStart here
Hello, World | Android DevelopersThis tutorial assumes that you're using Eclipse
Introduction to Android development : TouchCalculator - CodeProject
Android for .NET Developers - Custom Dialogs and Local Storage
Android Developers Blog: A Deep Dive Into Location
5 Tips for Honeycomb Design « Pulse News Engineering BlogHoneycomb tablets
Android access to .NET Web Service with Object as parameter and return value - CodeProject
Android Development Tutorial - Gingerbread
NewsDroid RSS Reader | Hello Android
krvarma-android-samples - Android sample source code - Google Project Hosting
/ - krvarma-android-samples - Android sample source code - Google Project Hosting
Android Developers Blog: Horizontal View Swiping with ViewPager
Android Intents - Tutorial
Android Fundamentals | Mobiletuts+Series of tutorials: content provider, Data Loader, Load Data with Services, Recurring Tasks, Status Bar Notifications, SQLite Date Type, IntentService
Android Essentials | Mobiletuts+Series of tutorials: User Forms, Contact Picker, Application Preferences, Logging, ListView 'read item' flag, App Widgets, Tool - Hierarchy Viewer, Strings, Android platform versioning, Calendar
Android | Mobiletuts+Series of Tutorials: Icon Design, UI • Index pageCoding and Tutorials
Solutions For Mobile Developers • View forum - Android TutorialsTutorials
Check for Updates Once a Day - Android Snippets
/ - android-feed-reader - A RSS/Atom feed reader for the Android platform - Google Project Hosting
Notification System - OpenMobster - Open Source Mobile Cloud Platform - Google Project Hosting
Android Preferences |
android - Using Alarmmanager to start a service at specific time - Stack Overflow
AlarmManager | Android Developers
android - AsyncTask: where return value of doInBackground() goes? - Stack Overflow
how to play an audio in Android | android development blogMedia Player Lifecycle
Media | Android DevelopersOfficial Media page
Android foreground service which can be bound - Stack OverflowUsed to show current song playing
RandomMusicPlayer - Random Music Player | Android DevelopersGuide for Music Player
android-in-practice - Revision 628: /trunkSource code and demo apps for the Manning book "Android in Practice"
System Services - Learning Android - OFPS - O'Reilly MediaLocation service, Sensor service, WiFi service, Alarm service, Telephony service, Bluetooth service, and so on.
Creating Status Bar Notifications | Android Developers
Displaying Status Bar Notifications in Android | mobiForge
Android - CodeProjectList of Android projects and tips on CodeProject
MusicDroid - Audio Player Part II | Hello Android
Activity | Android DevelopersAn activity is a single, focused thing that the user can do.
Daniel Lew's Coding Thoughts: ViewFlipper "Receiver not registered" ErrorSubclass the ViewFlipper to fix 'Force Close' issue
android - Why does keyboard-slide crash my app? - Stack OverflowMore on the ViewFlipper bug
Google Projects for AndroidGoogle projects based on the Android platform
Obtaining a Maps API Key - Google Projects for Android in » App » ski-on-sofa » com » example » HelloGoogleMaps » Android Source Code / Java Documentation Android Source Code and Documentation
view - API Demos | Android Developers
Icon Design Guidelines | Android Developers
android - How to send parameters from a notification-click to an activity? - Stack Overflow
Example of streaming mp3 mediafile from URL with Android MediaPlayer class « Igor Khrupin
Android: Switching screens by dragging over the touch screen | Warrior Point - Latest News & Tutorials on SaaS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and On-demand Software
Graphic Assets for your Application - Android Market for Developer Help
gui - How do I display the current value of an Android Preference in the Preference summary? - Stack Overflow
My First Android App - CodeProjectFunction in SQL Server that will caculate the distance in miles between two Geo Points (Latitude,Longtude).
Orientation to Android Training | Android Developers
Calling ASP.NET Webservice (ASMX) from an Android Application, the Simplest Way - CodeProject®
Android: Loading and Playing videos from different sources | 41 Post
Introduction to MonoDroid/Android Programming for .NET/C# Developers - CodeProject®
Mono for Android 4.0 is Here! « Xamarin
Simple Gestures on Android - CodeProject®
Android Developers Blog: Say Goodbye to the Menu Button
Design by Code - Pixel-perfect Android web UIsResources at different pixel resolutions
Android’s SeekBar your way | TechRepublic
A Useful Selection of Android Developer Tools and Resources
Android Tutorial
Handling internal variable state in Android development | TechRepublic
BuildMobile | Understanding and Utilizing Threads in Android
Getting Started with Android Development | Surf Roots, Software Thoughts
MusicDroid - Audio Player Part III | Hello Android
Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques - Smashing Mobile | Smashing Mobile
Remote Debugging on Firefox for Android ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
BuildMobile | Store User Data Using Simple Text Files and APIs in Android
Jelly Bean’s ConnectivityManager has a new goodie | TechRepublic
Android Developers Blog: New Google Maps Android API now part of Google Play services
How To Design For Android Devices
Security Enhancements in Jelly Bean | Android Developers Blog
BuildMobile | Build Menus in Android with Java and XML: Contextual and Popup MenusBuildMobile
Getting Started with Android Studio | Android Developers
Setting Up the ADT Bundle | Android Developers
Scheduling Background Tasks in Android
Getting Started with Android Development in 2014 - Windows Version | Javalobby
12 Android Tutorials for Beginners
Learn Android - CodeProject
Download Android Studio and SDK Tools | Android Developers
Android.AppStorm | Android App Reviews, Roundups & How-Tos
The 100 Best Android Apps
BuildMobile | Make The Most of Your Time Offline: Save Articles, Videos, and Images for Later Viewing with Pocketformerly Read it Later
UILayerUILayer works with WebKit-based environments, such as web views on Apple iOS, OS X and Android or in web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari
A developer's-eye view of smartphone platforms
Mobile BoilerplateTemplate for creating rich and performant mobile web apps
Getting started with PhoneGap | Tutorial | .net magazine
Introducing the Xamarin Mobile API « Xamarin
jQuery Mobile 1.0
The developer's guide to mobile frameworks | Feature | .net magazine
The Mobile Zone - CodeProjectBeginner Articles Android iOS WP7
Building Rich Mobile Apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - CodeProject
Dodgy Coder: Modern Cross Platform Development
How to Build an RSS Reader with jQuery Mobile | Nettuts+
JQueryMobile demo app walk-thru « Dan Haywood
10 handy jQuery mobile tips and snippets to get you started | Webdesigner Depot
18 jQuery Mobile Development Tips and Tutorials - DesignModo
jQuery Mobile: Demos and Documentation
commadelimited/jQuery-Mobile-Boilerplate - GitHub
jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 Released | jQuery Mobile
Designing Responsively: Fundamental Practices » BuildMobile
Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design - HTML5 Rocks
ASP.NET MVC 4 - What’s New for Mobile Development in ASP.NET MVC 4
Comparing mobile web frameworks - Yon-line
Responsive Web Design Resources For Absolute Beginners | Janna Hagan
HTML5 - Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know
Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures
Media QueriesA collection of inspirational websites using media queries and responsive web design.
A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning | Metal Toad Media
An Introduction and Thoughts on Developing iOS Applications with MonoTouch | Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in .NET
Create a custom theme in jQuery Mobile | Tutorial | .net magazine
Creating apps with PhoneGap: Lessons learned | Adobe Developer Connection
Testing Browser Apps | Dr Dobb'sQUnit
Blogs < How to Create Mobile-Ready WebForms Applications 101
Client-Side Templating | Smashing CodingWeb Application development - mustache.js, Node.js, AMD & RequireJS
Build a Location-Based Mobile App With HTML5 and Javascript Archives - SitePointArticle with 6 parts
Bedrockresponsive, mobile first 18 column grid
Three Ways to Implement a Global Menu in jQuery Mobile | Roughly Brilliant Digital Studios
jQuery Mobile Menu - jsFiddleExample mobile menu with sub-nav items
Drop Down Responsive Menu with CSS3 and jQuery Tutorialmore...
Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps | Nettuts+
Create navigation bars with Responsive Web Design techniques | TechRepublic
Detect Mobile Browsers - Open source mobile phone detection
Touch And Mouse: Together Again For The First Time - HTML5 Rocks
Developing a responsive, Retina-friendly site (Part 1) — PaulStamatiou.comPart II
Detecting touch: it’s the ‘why’, not the ‘how’ ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website From Scratch: Introduction - SitePoint 1st of 5 parts: Design a Mockup  Semantic HTML  CSS stylesheet  Responsive Rules
ququplay/jquery-mobile-flat-ui-theme · GitHub
What is the difference between responsive vs. adaptive web design? | TechRepublic
Beginner's Guide: Creating Web Applications with JavaScript - CodeProject
21 Gorgeous Mobile Navigation Designs - DesignFestival
The JavaScript Behind Touch-Friendly Sliders | CSS-Tricks
6 tools to get started with responsive web design | Usersnap Blog
Web App Resources OverviewTest Your Mobile Web App on Kindle Fire or Android Devices
Single page apps in depth (new free book)
7 Useful Mobile HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Snippets - Tech.Pro
Examples of Mobile Design Patterns - SitePoint
Responsive Web Design with jQuery Mobile - CodeProject
10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS | Wintellect
Mobile Design Patterns Archives - SitePoint
Mobile First With Bootstrap 3 | Nettuts+
Challenges and solutions - Architecture of a Modern Web Application - Part 1 - CodeProject Part II Part III
Ultimate guide to learning AngularJS in one day
7 Habits of Highly Effective Media Queries | Brad Frost Webresponsive design
How to Maintain Image Aspect Ratios in Responsive Web Design - SitePoint
An Overview of Mobile Debugging Techniques – Part One | Web Builder ZonePart II
FlexNav - A jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menus
Prototype mobile apps easily with Ratchet
Ten Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly
10 of the Best jQuery Mobile Device Plugins
Treasure! Free Mobile Design Resources
Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps ∙ An A List Apart Blog Post
Assessing Mobile Usability With Google Webmaster Tools
Mobile-First Responsive Web Design docs
Hammer.JS - Hammer.jsAdd touch gestures to your page.
Building Great Mobile Menus for Your Website
Be mobile friendly with the new W3C Mobile Checker | W3C DevTools Blog
The Top 7 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks
Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Ninja Tips & Tricks -- iPhone 3.0 -- InformationWeek
IOS | Think VitaminiOS Design Patterns: Delegation, introduction to Objective-C
Reusable collapsable table view for iOS - CodeProject
iOS 5 Developer's Cookbook: Building Your First Project - CodeProjectiOS SDK, code editors, testing tools and submit to the App Store
iOS: A visual history | The Verge
BuzaMoto JSTapGestureRecognizer JSGestureRecognizer: add gesture recognizers to DOM objects for Mobile Safari similar to UIGestureRecognizer in iOS
InAppSettingsKit - Put settings in your iPhone apps easilyInAppSettingsKit is an open source solution to to easily add in-app settings to your iPhone apps
iOS Dev Center - Apple Developer
How to Submit Your App to Apple: From No Account to App Store, Part 1 | Ray Wenderlich
How to Submit Your App to Apple: From No Account to App Store, Part 2 | Ray Wenderlich
Simple iOS App Tutorial Updated for iOS 5 | Ray Wenderlich
iPhone 5 and iOS 6 for HTML5 developers, a big step forward: web inspector, new APIs and more | Breaking the Mobile Web
Learning iOS as an Android developer | TechRepublic
Decoding the iOS 6 SDK Available Now!
iOS Application Development Archives - SitePoint10 part article
Days | 31 Days of Windows 8
PageControl objects and navigation for your Windows Store app - CodeProject
First preview: Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Second Edition - Microsoft Press - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Top Windows Phone app certification failures and how to avoid them
Mozilla Firefox
Web Development - Firebug: White to Black Belt - Tuts+ Marketplace
10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Firebug | Nettuts+
Martin Kool - How to use Firebug on your iPad and iPhone
The Browser Console ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Firebug 1.12 New Features ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Three Little-Known Development Console API Methods - SitePoint
Box model highlighter, Web Console improvements, Firefox OS HUD + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 30 ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
About Us
Customize Firefox
Get Involved
Help and Tutorials
10 Firefox extensions you can’t live without 10 Things
10 handy Firefox about:config hacks | 10 Things |
Review: Firefox 3.5 Makes Browsing Better -- Firefox 3.5 -- InformationWeek
Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic :: Add-ons for FirefoxScreen Capture: Save an image of a web page
10 MORE outstanding Firefox extensions | 10 Things |
Five Firefox Add-ons for taking Web page screenshots | TR Dojo |
HTML Editing and other improvements in Firefox 17 Developer Tools ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
How to Disable "This Connection Is Untrusted" in Firefox |
Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 is here! ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Mozilla Shows Off Powerful New Developer Tools for Firefox | Webmonkey |
5 More Killer Firefox Addons for Designersdesign add-ons for Firefox
Firefox Developer Edition — Mozilla
Debugging Mobile Websites with Firefox
MS Message Queue
Message Queuing (MSMQ)
Microsoft Message Queuing
Queue and Computer Administration
Automatic Documentation Generation in ASP.NET applications
XML Documentation Comments (C#)
Exception Management in .NET
Listing Files in a Directory with C#
codeproject The two interceptors - HttpModule and HttpHandlers. Free source code and programming help
info ASP.NET HTTP Modules and HTTP Handlers Overview
Thread.Sleep Method (Int32) (System.Threading)
Kirk Evans Blog Use ASP.NET Data Binding to Bind Directly to XML (sans DataSet)
Writing a DataSet as XML Data
.NET Cheat Sheets « John Sheehan : Blog
ASP.NET 4.5 features make upgrade worth the trouble | TechRepublic
Five Great .NET Framework 4.5 Features - CodeProject
Filip Ekberg's BlogMicrosoft C# MVP
Cocoa Dev Central: Learn Objective-C
CocoaDev: CocoaDevSite for and by the Mac OS X developer community
Popular Objective C Snippets
C# to Objective-C - Part 1 : Strings - User Experience Guidance - Blog
Subjective-C · a study of innovative iOS interfaces
Dependency Injection
An Absolute Beginner's Tutorial on Dependency Inversion Principle, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection - CodeProjectusing constructor injection to remove dependencies (there is also property injection) both are used to resolve dependencies
The Facade Pattern in .NET -- Visual Studio Magazinecreate a simple unified interface for a collection of interfaces
Learn MVC (Model View Controller) step by step in 7 days – Day 1 - CodeProject
Your first program using MVC pattern with C#/WinForms - CodeProject
Why(s) & How(s) of Asp.Net MVC Part 1 - CodeProjectPart II
How we do MVC – 4 years later | Jimmy Bogard's Blog
Learning MVC - Part 1: Introduction to MVC Architecture and Separation of Concerns - CodeProject Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI
Routing Basics in ASP.NET MVC - CodeProject
MVC Interview Questions and Answers (All about MVC) - CodeProject
Free 6 hour online course - Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications Jump Start - Jon Galloway
Announcing release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2013.1 for Visual Studio 2012 - .NET Web Development and Tools Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Choosing a JavaScript MVC FrameworkFunny Ant
Understanding MVP (WCSF) Over ASP.NET Web Forms - CodeProject
MVC or MVP Pattern – Whats the difference? - Visual Design - Blog
How To Read A PayPal Notification Email – Database Journal:
CodeProject: Introduction to PayPal for C# - ASP.NET developers. Free source code and programming help
The PayPal Shopping Cart – Add to Cart and View Cart Buttons - PayPal
PayPal Button Factory - Make add to cart, buy now, and donation buttons - Free Auction Tools
.NET Tips and Tricks -Implement PayPal's Instant Payment Notification IPN with .NET
FoxyUtils MergePDF - Merge PDF Files Online for Free
Free PDF Converter. Convert from HTML To PDF online. Web page to pdf. URL to PDF Converter.
PDFescape - Free PDF Editor & Free PDF Form Filler - Your Free Online PDF Reader, Editor, Form Filler, Form Designer, SolutionCreate new PDF from images
Creating a service for storing your Pocket articles as PDFs - CodeProject
HTML to PDF - Convert web pages to PDF files online for free.Best Web to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF online, Web/HTML to PDF API
Regular Expression Checker
Regular Expression Library
Regular Expression LibraryDate time
Roy's Tools Home
CodeProject: Notepad RE (Regular Expressions). Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: RegEx Tester - Regular Expression Tester. Free source code and programming help
ValidationExpression PropertyEmail, phone, URL RegEx
C# Regular Expression Helper - CodeProject
Regex Tester – RegexPal
HTML5PatternList of commonly used RegEx
Regular Expressions » phpmaster
Learn Regex The Hard Way Scanning And Parsing Text Without Going Insane
Most Important Regular Expression for parsing HTML - CodeProject
Regular Expressions – Big daddy o’ string manipulation - CodeProject®
Simple and Useful JavaScript Regular Expression Tutorial - CodeProject®
Replacing text in the DOM… solved? – James Padolsey
Splitting Pascal/Camel Case with RegEx Enhancements - CodeProject
My favorite regex of all time - good coders code, great reuse[ -~] matches all ASCII characters from the space to the tilde
REGex TESTER v1.5.3 - test/validate regular expressions, online testerresult is live, it is updated instantly while you type
RegexperRegular expression visualizer using railroad diagrams.
The true power of regular expressions
Learn Regular Expressions (RegEx) with Ease - CodeProject
Regular Express Yourself using RegExpBuilder - CodeProject
Short but very usueful regex – lookbehind, lazy, group, and backreference - CodeProject
Validating Social Security Numbers through Regular Expressions - CodeProject
Mastering PerlChapter 2. Advanced Regular ExpressionsTOC
RegExper: Regular Expressions Explained - SitePoint
RegExp playground Golf - Practicing your Regex
Regular expression visualizer
Learn Regular Expressions (RegEx) with Ease - CodeProject
Validate and Find Addresses with RegEx - CodeProject
RegexOne - Learn Regular Expressions - Lesson 1: An Introduction, and the ABCs
Regulex:JavaScript Regular Expression Visualizer.
Demystifying RegEx with Practical Examples
fent/randexp.js @ GitHub
Using Regular Expression in JavaScript - CodeProject
Creating an RSS Feed in ASP.NET with C#
Primary Objects - Creating XML RSS Feeds with C# ASP .NET
Creating an RSS Feed with ASP.Net Written in C# - ASP Free
How to work with RSS using Google Feed API and JavaScript | TechRepublicThe 1st of 3 articles
Aggregate multiple RSS feeds with customized display features | TechRepublicThe 2nd of 3 articles
More fun with Google Dynamic RSS Feed Control | TechRepublicThe 3rd of 3 articles
The Big Comparison Of Google Reader RSS Feed Alternatives
Feed Validator for Atom and RSS
Safari Web Content Guide: Developing Web Content for Safaridebug an iPod
Safari 6 Developer Tools Quick look - Decodize
Search Engine Optimization
Web Work 101: Search Engine Optimization Basics
Apps to Boost Your Google Analytics Data
5 Smart Ways to Use Google Analytics
Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide - What SEOs Need to Know - The SEM Post
9 SEO Ideas for Small Businesses on a Budget
CodeProject: Basics of Bing Search API using .NET. Free source code and programming help
10 Simple Google Search Tricks
Building the Bing apps for Windows 8 - Windows 8 app developer blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Introducing Bing Code Search for C# - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
searchcode | source code search engineSearch source code from multiple sources
Audiosear.chfull text search & recommendation API for podcasts and radio
Become a Better Programmer by Mastering Google - DZone Web Dev
Web Security: Are You Part Of The Problem? - Smashing Magazine
CWE -2009 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors
In depth Cross Site Scripting | World Of Security
[SOLVED] Roboform Won’t Remember History of Visited WebsitesRoboform : recently used bookmarks don't display
Preventing XSS in ASP.NET - Tuts+ Code Tutorial
Preventing XSS in ASP.NET Made Easy - CodeProject
minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings · GitHub
ASP.NET Request Validation - OWASP
The Command Line is Your Best Friend | Nettuts+The shell is the actual program that reads user’s input and puts results on the screen
Writing a Shell Script From Scratch | Nettuts+
Say Hello to PowerShell | Nettuts+ - match command-line arguments to their help text
The Silverlight Blog - Home
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0 Primer (Second Edition)
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1 Messaging Framework (Second Edition)
SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2 Adjuncts (Second Edition)
Google+ Handbook: 63 resources for entrepreneurs - GeekWire
Source Control
Introduction to Git, Part 1 » phpmaster
From FTP to Git: A Deployment Story | Nettuts+
Dr. Dobb's UpdateGit: centralized to distributed VCS
Git and GitHub Secrets - Zach Holman - Aloha Ruby Conf 2012
Git Tips From the Pros | Nettuts+
Learn Git Branching
The second-order-diff Git trick - Tom Moertel’s Blog
Git merge vs. rebase
Team Collaboration With Github | Nettuts+using it as a collaborative tool
Handy Git tips to stop you getting firedFile level ignoring, Use snapshot stashes, Easy merging, Comparing large chunks of text, git hooks
Repository Next · GitHub
Git Cheat Sheet Detail
Useful GitHub patterns | Quick People Blog
Git Tutorial: Branches and Workflow | Dr Dobb's
Git Immersion - Brought to you by Neo
Git Resources • GitHub Training
Driving Continuous Integration from Git | Dr Dobb's
Welcome • Teaching Materials for Git and GitHub
Get Started With GitHub Pages (Plus Bonus Jekyll) ◆ 24 ways
Learn Git Branching
Announcing Guides · GitHub
Git smart! 20 essential tips for Git and GitHub users
10 Tips to Push Your Git Skills to the Next Level
The Difference Between Git and GitHub
Git - BookPro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub
Git Workflow Guide with Examples for Pros | Toptal
Git Branching Essentials - CodeProject
Learn Git, an Essential Tool for Programmers, with Codecademy's New Course
Git: How to Create Repository From Scratch - CodeProject
The 12 Days of Git: Learn Git over the Holidays
Team Foundation Server
Using Environment Variables in Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013
Team Explorer Everywhere 2013 Update 2 is now available - Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
CLR String Sort Function in SQL Server 2005
How To Return a Result Set from a SQL Server 2005 CLR Stored Procedure
10 tips for sorting, grouping, and summarizing SQL data - Program - SQL Server - Builder AU - Creating a User Defined Function in SQL for Comma-Delimited Searches - Managing Transactions in SQL Server Stored Procedures
Constrain your SQL Server data with T-SQL
Data Points SQL Server User-defined Functions -- MSDN Magazine, November 2003
Date and Time Manipulation in SQL Server 2000
Delimited String Parser - SQL Server Central
Error Handling in T-SQL From Casual to Religious
Essential SQL Server Date, Time and DateTime Functions
How to create and use a sample sql cursor and cursor code
Managing Transaction Processing for SQL Database Integrity Understanding Transaction Processin
Microsoft SQL Server - User Defined Functions -
Multi Value Paramter - microsoft.public.sqlserver.reportingsvcs Google Groups
Navigate hierarchies using recursive common table expressions
Reporting Services and Multivalued Parameters
Return Values from a Crosstab Stored Procedure - MS SQL
SQL 2005 SQL 2005 - Coding Standards - Formatting Specfics
SQL SERVER - Difference between Unique Index vs Unique Constraint « Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
SQL Server 2005 T-SQL Recipes A ... - Google Book Search
SQL Server Update Using CASE Expressions
SQL Syntax
T-SQl Cursor Example
T-SQL Function Finds Almost Any Kind of Date
T-SQL Programming Part 3 - Processing Sequentially Through a Set of Records
This article explain how to pass parameter in SQL server Stored Procedure and get value from st
Top 10 SQL Server development tips of 2008
Treat Yourself to Fn_Split()
Working with SQL Server Date-Time Variables
Build a C# SQL Server Database Export Utility
Data Points Common Table Expressions
Implementing SQL Server transactions with ADO.NET
More Trees & Hierarchies in SQL -
SQL Alias
SQL Avg() or Average Function
SQL Between
SQL Count Distinct Function
SQL Count Function
SQL Create Database, Table, and Index
SQL Delete www3
SQL Delete
SQL Drop Index, Table and Database
SQL Exercises
SQL Functions
SQL Group By
SQL IN www3
SQL Insert
SQL Introduction www3
SQL Join
SQL Joining Tables
SQL Like
SQL Max() Function
SQL Min Function
SQL Order By
SQL Quick Reference
SQL Quiz
SQL Reference and Example Site featuring Cinema SQL
SQL Reference and Example Site - The Tables
SQL Select
SQL Server, UNIQUE, constraint CLUSTERED order_id
SQL Subselect or Subquery, Correlated and Uncorrelated
SQL Sum Function
SQL The SELECT Statement
SQL The WHERE Clause
SQL Update
» How to import an Excel file into SQL Server 2005 using Integration Services Servers and Storage
» See SQL Server graphical execution plans in action Servers and Storage
SQL Tutorial - Date
SQL Server Tips, Techniques and Articles
SQL (Structured Query Language) in one page : SQL.SU
Ten Common SQL Programming Mistakesadapt to the "set-based" mindset
SQL FiddleSQL Fiddle is a tool for database developers to test out their SQL queries
10 Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL - Tech.Pro
SQL Wizardry Part One - Joins - CodeProject
A Beginner’s Guide to SQL
SQL Server
XML type
CoDe Magazine - Article Making Sense of the XML DataType in SQL Server 2005
The Fundamentals of the SQL Server 2005 XML Datatype
Processing XML files with SQL Server functions
Stop Using OPENXML (Please...) - Pseudo-RandomThe xml data type nodes() method
SQL Server 2005 Error Log Management
SQL Server 2005 Log File Viewer
tutorial Learn SQL Server basics from A-Z
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition User Instances
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
ANSI PADDING, Trailing Whitespace, and Variable Length Character Colum - SQLServerCentral
CodeProject: Most Commonly Used Functions in SQL Server 2005/2008. Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: Quick Overview: Temporary Tables in SQL Server 2005. Free source code and programming help
SQL Server Report Server
Analysis Services
William E. Pearson, III
Ad Hoc Reporting with Report Models
Adding a Page Header and Footer to a Report
Books Online
Browser Support in Reporting Services
Building Applications Using the Web Service and the .NET Framework
Configuring a Report Server Database Connection
Create Data-driven Subscription Page (Report Manager)
Data Driven Subscriptions Updated
Discussions - microsoft.public.sqlserver.reportingsvcs Google Groups
DotNetSlackers Designing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005
Download Reporting Services Scripter
Expression Examples in Reporting Services
Google Groups microsoft.public.sqlserver.reportingsvcsBest place for asking SSRS questions
Integrating Reporting Services into Your Application
IReportServerCredentials Interface (Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms)
Lesson 1 Defining a Report Dataset for a Reporting Services Web Service
Lesson 5 Adding A Report Parameter to Pass to a User-Defined Function
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server Reporting Services
MSSQL Server Reporting Services Managing Reporting Services Report Execution and Standard Subsc
Report Manager Help
reporting Deliver User-Friendly Reports from Your Application with SQL Server Reporting Service
Reporting Services and the Report Viewer component - Part II
Reporting Services Developer InfoCenter
Reporting Services Programming
ReportingService Class
Specifying Connections and Credentials for the ReportViewer Web Server Control
SQL Server Reporting Services
tutorial Creating a Data-Driven Subscription
XML Query Syntax for Specifying XML Report Data
Speeding up the Query Parameters Dialog in the SSRS Query Designer
CSV Rendering in RS 2008
Displaying a Pop-up message in SSRS 2005 - SQLServerCentral
Report Design Tips and TricksBest practices on report design and helps you avoid common mistakes when choosing a report layout and output format
Custom code in SSRS
How to easily identify a scheduled Reporting Services report
SSRS Expressions Tips and Tricks - SQLServerCentral
Integrating Reporting Services into Your Application
SQL Server Report Builder 2.0
An overview of SQL Server Report Builder 2.0
RadRotator CSS Classes and Their Use
Free Advanced Hard Drive Cloning Software From Clonezilla
Print Friendly & PDFMake any web page print friendly
Miro Video Converter FREE - Convert any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, and more.
Five video converter apps | TechRepublic
Five apps to convert video to support mobile devices | TechRepublic
Visual Studio 2005
SQL Server Project Debugging SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedures in Visual Studio
How to Create a SQL Server Project
How to Develop with the SQL Server Project Type
visual studio SQL server project - Google Search
Writing CLR Stored Procedures in C# - Introduction to C# (Part 1) -
Code Snippets
CodeProject: Code Snippet : Step by step guideline from creation to installation of a snippet. Free source code and programming help
Code Snippet Shortcut Keys, General Development Settings
Snippet Designer extension
Snippet Designer - Documentation
Creating Custom C# Code Snippets in Visual Studio - CodeProject
General Development Settings Default Shortcut Keys
How to debug stored procedures in Visual Studio .NET
Why can't I debug from Visual Studio 2005 after installing IE8? - Stack Overflow
Visual Studio 2008
greggm's WebLog : Script debugging broken in VS 2005 after installing IE8
Visual Studio 2008 is the latest version of Microsoft's IDE. Along with it comes .NET Framework 3.5. This Learning Guide links to resources for developers and architects.
CodeProject: The Code Project Add-ins. Free source code and programming helpPull the power of The Code Project right inside Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2008 Learning Guide
CodeProject: Building The Code Project Add-In for Visual Studio 2008 . Free source code and programming help
Visual Studio Express Express Readme
Visual Studio 2008 Learning Guide
Top Ten Free Extensions for Visual Studio 2008 - CodeProject
10+ powerful debugging tricks with Visual Studio - CodeProject®
10 More Visual Studio Debugging Tips for Native Development - CodeProject
Visual Studio 2010
Download details: Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters
Some nice code editor features provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions - ScottGu's Blog
Announcing the Web Standards Update - HTML5 Support for the Visual Studio 2010 Editor - Scott Hanselman
A Shiny New Me | HTML5 Boilerplate In Visual Studio 2010
Advanced Debugging in Visual Studio - CodeProject®
Meet IntelliCommand (Visual Studio 2010/2012 extension)
113 useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Visual Studio 2010.A wiki-style reference database for VS shortcuts
Visual Studio 2011
A blog by Vardhaman Deshpande: JavaScript XML Documentation in Visual Studio 11
Visual Studio 2012
The Perfect Resource for Learning NuGet | Development content from Dev Pro
JSNLog - a new way to do client side logging integrated with ASP.NET and MVC - CodeProject
Making the most out of JavaScript Intellisense in VS2012 - CodeProject
Using Asynchronous Methods in ASP.NET 4.5 and in MVC 4 | Dr Dobb's
Simple but Interesting Features of VS2012 - CodeProject
Knockout Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012 | John Papa
Visual Studio: Web Dev Bliss | Nettuts+ Intellisense now supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Git init VS - Brian Harry's blog - Site Home - MSDN BlogsTeam Foundation Service has support for hosting Git repositories
Hot Towel SPA – Visual Studio Project Template | John Papacreates App folder which contains JavaScript and HTML
Lessons learned migrating to Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 - CodeProject
Learn IntelliTrace - Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Web Essentials 2012 extension
Visual Studio 2012 Profiler & Profiling Tools Training - CodeProject
What's New in Visual Studio 2012Code Editing for JavaScript
CraigTP's Blog | JavaScript / jQuery IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2012
Introducing node.js Tools for Visual Studio - Scott Hanselman
10 ways to get more productive in Visual Studio - CodeProject
Visual Studio 2012 – Paste Special Feature - CodeProject
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2013 New Editor Features - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
JavaScript IntelliSense
How to: Create JavaScript XML Documentation Comments
JavaScript IntelliSense
First Impressions of Visual Studio 2013 | Development content from Dev Pro
Flow brings instant code snippets to Visual Studio - TechRepublic
Code Optimization Tools in Visual Studio 2013
New HTML Web Editor Features in Visual Studio 2013
'What's New in Visual Studio 2013" - a Four Hour Tour | .NET Zone
Some IDE Enhancements in Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio extensions for web developers
js-addin - Add-In for Visual Studio for improve support for javascript - megaboich/jsparser · GitHub
Announcing new Web Features in Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RC - .NET Web Development and Tools Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Visual Studio 2015
JavaScript Editor Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
JavaScript Editing in Visual Studio 2015 | Visual Studio Toolbox | Channel 9
19 Must-Know Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1 - CodeProjectPart II
Visual Studio Extensions
Managing Extensions and Updates for Visual Studio
Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio focuses on improving productivity within the experience - Bing Dev Center Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
My online NotebookDebug and profile LINQ queries with LINQ Insight - a Visual Studio extension
CssCop brings CSS Lint functionality to Visual Studio - TechRepublic
Using Bower with Visual Studio 2013 | Dave PaquetteDave Paquette
GitHub Integration in Developer Assistant - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
The Web Essentials Article! | Web Development content from Dev Pro
Some of my favorite Visual Studio extensions - CodeProject
Web App
Building Apps With the Yeoman Workflow | Nettuts+
Building a Web App From Scratch in AngularJS | Nettuts+
~199 slides on Front-end Tooling Workflows
A Beginner's Guide for Creating Single Page Applications using Backbone.js and Marionette.js - CodeProject
A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Ember.js App | Toptal
10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Full Stack JavaScript: Backbone, Node, Express & More | ToptalThe Init project focuses on creating single-page applications (SPAs).
A List of Foundational JavaScript Tools
Step by Step Guide to Building a Cross-Platform Application in HTML, CSS & Javascript - CodeProject
Building single page apps using web components - Polymer
Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network
Moving Our UI To The Next Level — Medium
JavaScript Front-End Web App Tutorial Part 1: Building a Minimal App in Seven Steps - CodeProject
Web Components
Web Components Resources
Getting Started with Web Components - Tech.Pro
Web Scripting
VBS Scripting Tutorial and WSH example scripts tutorial - Web Scripting
Web Service
ASP.NET Web Service - The Code Project - C++ Web Services
ASP.NET Web Services QuickStart Tutorial
Authentication for Web Services (using SOAP headers) - The Code Project - C# WebServices
Building Web Services Using @ SOA WORLD MAGAZINE
Building XML Web Services Using Industry Standardized WSDLs
codeguru Build Secure Web Services With SOAP Headers and Extensions
Creating a Windows Service in .NET
Creating an XML Web Service Proxy
DevCity.NET WebServices and passing an ADO.NET DataSet
Documenting Your Web Service
Easily test Web services with soapUI Programming and Development
Handling and Throwing Exceptions in XML Web Services
How to Build a Client That Processes SOAP Headers
How to Call a Web Service
Learn Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies
Microsoft ASP.NET QuickStarts Tutorial
Monitoring Windows Services - Free Online Programming Tutorials
soapUI - welcome - Web Service Testing
Timer not working in Windows Service - MSDN Forums
Timer Objects in Windows Services with C#.NET
--TODONT Use a Windows Service just to run a scheduled process - Jon Galloway
Using SOAP Headers
Using Winforms to pass custom commands to a Windows .NET 2.0 Service - Steve Schofield Weblog
Visual Studio Magazine Online Getting Started Build Your First .NET Windows Service
Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies
XML Files Dynamic Discovery in .NET, Codebehind, WebService Inheritance, and More -- MSDN Magaz
XML Web Services (Visual Studio)
XML Web Services Created Using ASP.NET and XML Web Service Clients
CodeProject: Using Session State in a Web Service. Free source code and programming help
Windows Service
codeproject .NET Windows Service Debugging. Free source code and programming articles
Creating a .NET Windows Service at C# Online.NET (CSharp-Online.NET)
Creating a Windows Service in .NET
Passing parameters to C# Windows Services
System.ServiceProcess Namespace
The Perfect Service - Part 1 ASP Alliance
The Perfect Service - Part 2 ASP Alliance
Windows Service Applications
Windows Services in .NET ASP Alliance
Windows Services New Base Classes in .NET Make Writing a Windows Service Easy -- MSDN Magazine,
Windows Services New Base Classes in .NET Make Writing a Windows Service Easy -- MSDN Magazine, December 2001
Working with Windows Services in .NET ASP Alliance
Windows Server 2003
Viewing classic Help
Windows Server 2003 Product Help
Windows Server 2003 Product Help 2008
Windows Task Scheduler
Windows Task Scheduler Tutorial with Screenshots
Automatic Documentation Generation in ASP.NET applications
C# Tutorial - Lesson 19
C# XML Comments Let You Build Documentation Directly From Your Visual Studio .NET Source Files
XML Documentation Comments (C#)
Real-World XML Manipulate XML Data Easily with the XPath and XSLT APIs in the .NET Framework -- MSDN Magazine, July 2003
15 Seconds SQL Server 2005 XQuery and XML-DML - Part 1
An introduction to XQuery
Installing and Running DataDirect XQuery™ ACORD Examples
Introduction to XQuery in SQL Server 2005
SequenceType Expressions (XQuery)
value() Method (xml Data Type)
W3C XML Query (XQuery)
XML Construction (XQuery)
XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
XQuery Against the xml Data Type
XQuery and XPath Regular Expressions
XQuery Basics
XQuery Expressions
XQuery Functions Against the xml Data Type
XQuery Language Reference (Database Engine)
XQuery Tutorial
XSLT Introduction and Resources
Coding4Fun Building an XSL Transform Tool
Output Options on the XslCompiledTransform Class
Transform XML with XSLT, return XmlDocument - Thea Burger's Blog
Understanding XSLT
XslCompiledTransform.OutputSettings Property (System.Xml.Xsl)
CodeProject: Beginners Introduction To XSL Transform : Rendering XML Data using XSL - Get HTML output. Free source code and programming help
CodeProject: Debugging XML Transforms (XSLT) with Visual Studio. Free source code and programming help
15 Seconds Advanced Web-Enabled Applications and Services Architecture Using XML and XSL - Par
15 Seconds Reading and Writing XML in .NET Version 2.0 - Part 1 - XML Serialization in ASP.NET
Accessing and Manipulating XML Data The XmlDataDocument Class
codeproject XML data type tips in SQL Server 2005. Free source code and programming help
Convert XML to Strongly Typed DataSets - The Code Project - .NET
Current Node Position in XmlReader
Download details XML Schema Designer Aug 07 CTP
FLWOR Statement and Iteration (XQuery) -- Using the XmlDataDocument Class
Passing lists to SQL Server 2005 with XML Parameters - Jon Galloway
Post xml data to page using C# - The Code Project - .NET
Reading Elements
SQL Server And XML XML Workshop
SQL Server And XML XQuery Lab 19 - How to parse a delimited string
Stop Using OPENXML (Please...) - Pseudo-Random
The #1 online source for .NET-XML and Web Service Topics
The SharingPoint SharePoint List XML Viewer Utility
Using Returned XML with C# - Yahoo! Developer Network
Work with XML Data Type in SQL Server 2005 from ADO.NET 2.0
XML and the DataSet
XML Connections
XML Documents and Data
XML Files Writing XML Providers for Microsoft .NET -- MSDN Magazine, September 2001
XQuery Expressions
An Online Tutorial Guide to XML
Emil's Lost & Found Archive » Format an XmlDocument as an indented string